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2010 NDLC Lady Last Special Winter Sale | $750.00 -> $390.00

Nov 14, 2010

    1. [2010 NDLC Lady Last Special Winter Sale*]

      We appreciate our customers and pride ourselves on our customer retention over the years.

      We appreciate the commitment you have made and we look forward to sharing the coming season with you!

      Thank you so much.

      Sincerely, Notdoll Lab Creation - http://notdolllab.com


      If you buy the doll in Nov 03, 2010. ~ Nov 30, 2010.

      1. Your wish 2 NDLC Lady Blank Heads (choose any 2 heads you like)

      : Aemaeth, Aletheia, Belladonna, Ligaya, Argeia


      2. Set up completed 1 NDLC Lady Body

      3. Extra 3.5mm String (2m)

      4. Magic clean sponge

      5. Default pink box

      6. 2 White blankets

      7. Notdoll Lab Creation Certificate

      8. Free EMS Shipping (EMS Premium service will be add an additional charge. Italy, Puerto Rico etc.)

      You save total $360.00 in this chance ($750.00 -> $390.00)