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2010 Pipos Pi Basic Release + Limited Pi Re-releases

Jul 14, 2010

    1. It seems as if Pipos will be releasing the following dolls for a 2010 Pi Basic July release!

      - Baha Basic (white skin)
      - Curo Basic (white skin)
      - Heero Basic (beige skin)
      - Bao Basic (beige skin)
      - Mac Basic (gray skin)
      - Star cheshire Basic (gray skin)

      On top of that, they'll also be re-releasing limited Pi's:

      Maestro Baha (1 set each for English and Japanese shopping mall)
      Detective Mac limited (boy) (1 set each for English and Japanese shopping mall)
      Detective Mac limited (girl) (1 set each for English and Japanese shopping mall)
      Baha Autumn Season (1 set for English page)
      Special CURO (1 set for Japanese page)

      So, who's super stoked for this? I've been stalking their site since June, when I saw that "June Pipos Pi basic" release banner on their website.

      I'm going to order myself a cute little beige Bao!

      It's a bit of a shame that they only seem to be releasing the basic Pi's in one resin colour this time around. But to make up for that they're re-releasing some spiffy limiteds!

      Can't wait for July 16th (Korean time, that is)!
    2. Oh, I'm too excited!!! I have been waiting for the release since June too!
      Where did you get all that info? Are there any pics up somewhere?
    3. I want to know this too please! I think anthro dolls are great and Pipos is one of my favorite brands I have seen so far. :)
    4. Pipos has posted notices on their websites stating this info. You can read them from the main Pipos page. :) The sale starts at 10 pm Korean time on July 16th.

      As for pictures, they only have pics of the limiteds up so far. You can see them here. Personally, the female Mac limyted is my favourite! :)

      P.S. I didn't post a notice in the News section because I beieve Pipos usually does that themselves.
    5. Haha xD And I went and wrote it in the new discussion part... *was too excited to look here* xP

      I have been stalking Pipos since the beginning of the year *missed from a few days the winter release D=*
      I want my Baha so~ bad!! Really happy its the white skin they are releasing > w<

      ... I know I have no reason to continue stalking the site since they are coming out Friday... but I still really want to do it D=
      I wanna see pics !! *3*
    6. Oooh, Pipos. Why do you tempt me, haha? I've always loved the detective Mac limiteds. The grey skin Mac doesn't tempt me, but the limiteds do (and I'm out of town...) I hope they don't sell out before I decide if I should succumb to their sweetness.
    7. Yeah, I missed the winter thing by a few days too. I basically joined the hobby around and got into Den of Angels at the beginning of January... which is when I, of course, discovered Pipos. >.<

      Well, they're only selling 1 of each limited. Which means they may sell out IMMEDIATELY. T_T
    8. xP Starting in this hobby is bad when you want dolls that were sold before you got into it XD

      Thank god they release them every year xP
    9. Oooh, I so want to get that Autumn season Baha! <3 Too cute!

      --- One set available, well... not a chance I'm afraid :(
    10. Oh dear goodness, I am STILL catching up. I'll NEVER catch up thanks to Soom and their freaking expensive limiteds which become even more expensive on the second-hand market. I managed to snatch a blank complete Euclase, but it BROKE my wallet. BROKE.

      Thank you Pipos for re-releasing the basic Pi's! Well, er, I mean keeping them basic.
    11. I wonder how long they will be in stock? There are too many things to want and never enough money. lol!
    12. Star Cheshire!!!! YES!
      And Bao~~ =.=
      I have no money. D:
    13. There's always layaways... I'm about to receive my Charlotte and already they are tempting me....
    14. I'm excited to see what they'll all look like this year! x3 Luckily I'm not interested in any of them. I have no money left anyway, lol!
    15. The "Missing You" limiteds will probably sell out instantly since there's only one of each on the English site. Anyone who wants those will really have to stalk the site! I really hate doing that, it's frustrating and I've never ever been successful. Despite all of the web-page refreshing I always seem to go from not-yet-released to already-sold-out in a blink of an eye. :(

      I was really hoping for a Dreaming Baha! Or even the Halloween Baha mold with the dreaming eyes. Pipos had posted pictures of both of them on the re-release blog, did anyone else see that? The one tempting me is the beige Heero. He has the cutest little sad face!
    16. Where do you see that on their blog ??

      I'm putting a Baha on Layaway the moment they release them... I really do not want to miss my chance * 3*
    17. Layway, how you tempt me. lol!

      I might do that though, Baha is too cute. :)
    18. It was in the June Newsletter (posted below). I love the two in the middle. When the Halloween Baha was auctioned off it definitely went out of my price range! It would be awesome to be able to get a basic version Baha with the half-closed eyes.

      It's interesting that none of the Pi pictured in the blog were re-released. It's possible Pipos might surprise us, hmm? I'm still hopeful!!! :aheartbea

    19. Maybe they are thinking of releasing them at another time ?

      I am not a big fan of Pipos's Limited.. basic ftw! xP
    20. Man, too bad they only have 1 set each of the girl & boy Detective Mac and no layaway option for them. I really want both. I can probably afford one that is if i'm even lucky enough to get it. Following Korean time, it will be open for sale in the morning where i am. I am not a morning person :) I don't think i want to wake up. Always so tired taking care of my 3 kids, haha. So we'll see.

      Well, if anyone does manage to get one of the limited dolls. Let us know here who you managed to snag :)