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2012 New Year Event and NEW 1/3 girl Bailey [DOLL LEAVES]

Dec 31, 2011

    1. In order to thanks all for your support during last year and welcome the new year, we are going to provide the following special offer during the Chinese Lunar New Year Period:

      Event period: 5th Jan ~ 28th Feb, 2012

      Event details:
      During the event period, you can get a FREE Noir head on buying any DS products amount equal or more than USD 318 (including make up service, not include postage).


      * Noir is a 1/3 60cm DS Boy (also can be match with DS 58cm girl body.)
      * You can choose the skin color for Noir's head: normal or white
      * Noir's head come with elf ears and human ears, which is changeable.
      * Noir's face make up service cost USD $50.
      * Other accessories which is not mentioned above is not included.
      * Noir is only available in this event only, and will be discontinued after this event ended.

      New 58cm SD girl Bailey released, nude doll price is USD $370, face makeup service is USD$50.
      Accessories in photos are not available for ordering.


      Thank you for your love and support.
      Happy New Year!!!

    2. Heartstring Serenade would like to add that any orders placed during this period from our shop on layaway will still qualify for this event. :)
    3. Will you sell Bailey's head alone?
    4. Would the $50 for Noir's faceup count toward the $318 to get the head?
    5. Yes, Bailey's head can be ordered separately.
    6. Yes, Noir's faceup $50 also count toward the $318.
    7. Do you have any photos of a blank Noir head?
    8. What eye size does Noir use?
    9. Can you buy Bailey with an old boy body? thanks :)
    10. Hi, Noir and Bailey nude heads are online now:



      More details please visit: www.doll-leaves.com

    11. Noir wear 16mm size eyes.
    12. Yes, Bailey can be ordered with old boy body. Please remark the info when placing order :)
    13. Can you show Noir's photo with human ears? How are these ears fixed?
    14. We are arranging pictures to show Noir's human ears and how to fix. Will update soon...
      PS : Gift Noir head will come with a pair of Elf ears and a pair of Human ears :)
    15. I would also like to see the human ears and how the ears fit onto the head. Will the photo be up soon?
    16. Hello, everyone,

      Here is the human ear version of Noir head ( The ear parts are attached by magnet and easily to change.)

      More details please visit www.doll-leaves.com

    17. Yes, you can order 1/3 girl body. Noir head can fit 1/3 girl body.


    18. Is the promo pics of Bailey & Noir in NS or WS? Also, would you consider your white skin to be more of a creamy white or a more paper white?
    19. RavenLunaloo, Both Bailey & Noir in promo picture are Normal skin.
      At present, we don't have plan to add more skin type yet.

      Thanks !

    20. Doll Leaves white skin is creamy coloured.