New Doll 2016 Doll-Zone release two kid dolls(Freddy and Pandora)

Jan 4, 2016

    1. Hello everyone,
      Today we re-release two kid dolls"Freddy and Pandora",but they are with new design(cloths,wig,make up,and so on)
      The Freddy is 44cm,the body is B45-014.
      Then the Pandora is 42cm,the body is B45-012.
      Hope you like them.
      More information pls click
      Here is the Image:
      Discussion thread here:DollZone mini 43cm Discussion Part 13 | Den of Angels
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    2. oh wow they look great with their new designs, i own the previous freddy and is so beautiful.

      I really love freddy new outfit; I was wondering if you would sell the outfits separably?
    3. Hello Dear,
      So thanks for your support for DollZone.
      Yes,we sell the outfit separately.
      Pls see on the website.
    4. Oooh! They are very pretty! I started to like your dolls lately! ^^

      Edit: Needed to ask, are they without horns?
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    5. Hi Dear,
      So thanks for your support.
      Yes,the dolls are without the horns.
      The head is normal.
    6. Thank you for answering! Then it's fantastic if they come without horns, because I like those molds and I prefer them without horns. ^^