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Event 2016 LUTS winter event - free gift & SP coupon promotion update!

Nov 15, 2016

    1. [ LUTS 2016 WINTER EVENT ]

      Thank you for your visiting always.
      To show our appreciation for all of our dear customers, we start 2016 WINTER EVENT soon.
      Please check this notice and DON'T MISS it!


      Period : 12:00 p.m. 24th November 2016 ~ (Korean Standard Time)

      1. FREE GIFT event

      Target : Customers who order our dolls or items during the event period.
      (It is applied automatically)

      * Order over $137- Random free Wig

      * Order over $228- Random free Shoes / free Wig (choose one)

      * Order over $275- Free face-up

      * Order over $365- 2016 WINTER EVENT Senior Delf Head 1ea / free face-up (choose one)

      * Order over $728- 2016 WINTER EVENT Head 1EA + free face-up (Face-up can be changeable as EVENT HEAD)

      * Order over $1637- LUTS MY CHOICE doll 1EA (Normal/White/Brown Skin only, it charges extra shipping cost)

      2. Notice

      <order gift qualification>

      * We offer only 1 event gift for the specific amount of each order.
      If customer makes several event orders, applied free gift for the each order will be shipped.

      * If you combine the orders, we don't regard this as a total amount for event gift.

      * Shipping fee is not included in the total amount! please be aware of that.

      * Dolls from other companies are not included in the total amount. (BLUE FAIRY, DAYDREAM, DOLLITS)

      <seletable options & limitation of the free gifts>

      * It is OK to change the free item as lower price tier's gift.

      - SHOES OR WIG -

      * You can choose SIZE of gifted random Shoes / Wig (SIZE only, not color or design)
      Please indicate the size in the request box when you place the order.

      - EVENT HEAD -

      * Available skin color for EVENT HEAD: Normal or White skin. If you didn't mention skin color of EVENT HEAD, Normal skin EVENT HEAD will be shipped.

      * If you are qualified to get the event head, please kindly indicate "which item you want & skin color" in the request box, when you make the order.

      * Event head does not include eyes and face-up. If you want to add face-up to event head, please order 'face-up' item in 'LUTS FACE UP' category together. We remind you it takes 3~4 more weeks for face-up.

      - FREE FACE-UP -

      * If there is no comment or request about free face-up, EVENT HEAD will be shipped.

      * Free Face-up should be used only during 2016 WINTER EVENT period.

      * Limited face-up or custom face-up is not offered.


      * If you are qualified to get the free LUTS MY CHOICE, please kindly indicate "head type, body type and skin color" of your doll in the request box, when you place the order.

      * If you are qualified to get the free LUTS MY CHOICE, it could be add some extra shipping cost.

      If you have further inquiry about this, please contact us through Q&A board, which is the fastest way to get answer.
      Thank you very much!

      - LUTS
      #1 Lutsdoll, Nov 15, 2016
      Last edited: Nov 21, 2016
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    2. * Special Promotion for LUTS 2016 Winter Event! *

      1. For customers who order 'Untold Story - THE YOUTH IN DARK WARRIORS- BORY (Ver.3)' during 2016 Winter Event
      We offer lucky draw for special BORY!

      - Prize : 'Untold Story - THE YOUTH IN DARK WARRIORS- BORY (Ver.3) Gray Skin ver. (only one of each version - total 4 dolls)

      BORY Gray Skin ver. + Limited Face-up
      BORY ELF Gray Skin ver. + Limited Face-up
      BORY Dreaming Gray Skin ver. + Limited Face-up
      BORY Romance ELF Gray Skin ver. + Limited Face-up

      - Target : Customers who order 'Untold Story - THE YOUTH IN DARK WARRIORS- BORY (Ver.3)'
      for the 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th week of 2016 Winter Event period

      1st week : 24th Nov ~ 30th Nov
      2nd week : 1st Dec ~ 7th Dec
      3rd week : 8th Dec ~ 14th Dec
      4th week : 15th Dec ~ 21st Dec

      - Winner Notice :

      1st week : 2nd Dec (Fri)
      2nd week : 9th Dec (Fri)
      3rd week : 16th Dec (Fri)
      4th week : 23th Dec (Fri)

      * The dropouts of the lottery draw of last week are automatically attended into the next week lottery.
      (If you order 'Untold Story - THE YOUTH IN DARK WARRIORS- BORY (Ver.3)' in the 1st week of Winter Event, you may have 4 chances to join the lottery)

      * The prize will be shipped with the doll you ordered together. (We will contact the winners)

      2. Attendance Event (1st period)

      Find 'Attendance' button and CLICK IT!
      ATTEND ALL 5 DAYS and get $10 coupon!

      - How To

      1. Find 'Attendance' button of the detail page of 2016 Winter Event Release dolls
      2. Click the button & enter your ID
      3. Find the renewed button everyday for 5 days!

      - Prize : $10 coupon

      - Attendance date : each day of 21th (Mon) ~ 25th (Fri) November

      * The coupon is offered only for whom fully attended for 5 days all.
      * Coupon is issued to only website members
      * Coupon is not replaced as cash or other product
      * Coupon is available for 2016 Winter Event period, for order over $100

      3. SNS Share event (1st period)

      Share our new limited dolls to your friends and get coupon!

      - HOW TO:

      1. If you have any SNS (Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, Google+ or any other SNS platform!),
      please share our new 2016 Winter Event release dolls PHOTO & WEB ADDRESS.

      2. Please take screenshot of your SNS posting, which we can see the number of 'like' or 'comments' on the posting.

      3. Leave the screenshot & ID on the following board!
      GO TO THE BOARD! <- (members only)

      - Due Date : 12:00 p.m. (noon) 25th November, Friday

      - Prize : Coupon for 2016 Winter Event!
      Coupon price is depending on how many 'Like' or 'Comment' you got.

      If you got 'Like' or 'Comment' over
      20: get $10 coupon (for order over $100)
      50: get $20 coupon (for order over $200)
      200: get $50 coupon (for order over $500)

      * The comments from same people are not double counted.
      * The number of Like/Comment from several postings are not totaled.
      * One coupon only for one ID.

      * There will be new event for 2nd period releasing dolls, please keep checking our website!
    3. Will new dolls be available during the second period, or just new events for these current ones?
    4. This promotion event is for new dolls of 1st period. (sold 24th Nov ~ 23rd Dec)
      There will be other new dolls and new promotion for 2nd period.
      We just updated the list of them as other news post. Thank you very much!