Event 2017 Doll-Chateau June Event! New dolls Xanthe&Trista

May 31, 2017

    1. Hello All:
      We are glad to say Doll-Chateau 1/4 dolls Xanthe&Trista released today!
      They are time-limited dolls, and will be discontinued until 31st August.
      Full-set($699) includes: Nude doll $429, Face-up and body blushing $199, Wig, Outfit, Eyes.
      You can only buy them as blank doll or full-set doll.
      Default body is time-limited k-body-17.
      Skin color: white, pink, yellow, gray, green and tan are available. Gray, green, and tan needs more $60.
      More Details:
      Trista: http://www.doll-chateau.com

      Xanthe: http://www.doll-chateau.com
      Contact us: [email protected]

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    2. I cant see picture here. And I dont see any event on your site.
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    3. Hello! do you have any pictures of what they look like without face up?
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    4. They have photos of the blank heads and body on the site
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    5. Are these the same event dolls sculpt offered in the past?
    6. T
      The beatrice and nehemie appear to be the same event dolls from the past I've seen them before
    7. Please note, the Nehemie and Beatrice event dolls are off-topic for DoA as they lack wrist joints.
    8. Do they still come with the wings buying them blank? (I'm sorry, I've never ordered from you all before)
    9. hi, please check this link http://www.doll-chateau.com/news_detail.asp?id=113, you can find the event in news.

      hello, you can check their head in 1/4 doll's head, here are link I attached:

      hi, yes they are the same.

      hi, for Nehemie and Beatrice event, their wrist and ankle are fixed, but other parts are movable. :)

      hi, yes, blank doll with wings either. :)
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    10. Hello. Can Beatrice and Nehemie be ordered in all skin colors? Thank you.
    11. Hello All,

      During 2017 June Event,
      if you order one fullset doll human Xanthe or human Trista,
      you will have a blank event doll Nehemie or Bedrice.

      ·Full-set($499) includes: Nude doll $379, Face-up 60$, Wig $18, Outfit $79, Eyes.
      ·Full-set does not include body blushing. Body blushing $60 can be purchased separately.
      ·Default body is k-body-18. The doll in promotion picture is white skin.

      More information:
      Xanthe(human) http://www.doll-chateau.com
      Trista(human) http://www.doll-chateau.com
      Contact us: [email protected]

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    12. hi, event dolls are available in white, gray and green skin.
    13. Is it possible to get the winged body but with the human Xanthe head?
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    14. New release limited dolls Trista and Xanthe were released from Doll Chateau!!
      In celebration of these two releases, a gift present event is hold!
      We will give you an event limited doll with your purchase of certain amount or one of 2 new released doll.
      Do not miss this opportunity!!
      See special page here: Trista and Xanthe

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    15. Can I still get the event doll tomorrow too?? On the 30th of june?
      I know it sais untill 30th of june but does that mean 30th of june included?
    16. hi, yes 30th included :D
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    17. Hi, it's ok, please contact us by email, thanks!