New Doll (20170205New Pictures)【SIO2】New Limited1/4 doll:The deer's Male(Name:Funan)*STACY'S PINK OCEAN*

Jan 9, 2017

    1. Hi!I'm happy to be able to introduce you the SIO2 new special doll-The deer's Male.He has very cute face,but he has a deer body.He is a limited doll.You know,SIO2 limited doll only sell one time.You can't buy their limited doll after the sale period.I am very happy to get the right to sell this doll.And I hope you also like him.^^

      Sales Period: Jan 5th, 2017 ~ Feb 5th 2017

      Delivery Time :All dolls will be delivered in Shanghai DP,around May or later.

      The left leg in the pictures is double jointed.


      I will update new pictures step by step when I get them on the website.

      Sale page:Double Jointed Body
      Single Jointed Body

      We accept layaway,but the first payment can't less than 20% of the total price.The time can't more than 6 monthes.

      For more details, please visit our

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    2. Is the hair removable, or is there a separate headcap piece that can accommodate a wig?
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    3. Hi,of cause the hair is removable.He can wear wigs like a nomal 1/4 doll.
    4. Thank you for your praise.We accept layaway.^^
    5. Hi, he's beautiful, do you offer faceup options and when I can find his measures? thanks
    6. Now the artist is looking for a suitable artist who can help her to face up the doll.because she is too busy to do this job herself.You can see his measurements in his sale page.
    7. I noticed you have a single jointed body and a double jointed body page. Is the deer part double jointed too? Or does the jointing only apply to the human part?
    8. Will this doll be available in only white skin or will there be a normal skin option? <: Does the horse body have a joint or is it a solid piece? And one more question are the ears separate from the wig?
    9. Hi,yes.Both the deer part and human part are double jointed.^^
    10. Will there be pictures of the double jointed body before the pre-order time limit is up?
    11. Does he come with a human body as well or just a centaur body? Thanks!
    12. I have asked for the pictures.but the artist is very busy,what I can do is only waiting for her new pictures.^^
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    13. Just a centaur body.^^
    14. How can I place a order on Layaway for this guy!! He is amazing!
    15. @juniorasp01Of cause,please place your order on the site and contact me.^^
    16. New pictures have been updated.
    17. Does the doll come with the extra antlers?
    18. Yes,of cause.^^