Event < 2018 BJD CROBI 10th Anniversary Doll Sale and Event >

May 29, 2018

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      < 2018 BJD CROBI 10th anniversary doll sale and event >

      - Limited Doll sale

      2018. May, 20th, with 10th anniversary of BJD CROBI, we will have limited doll sale. First, on 10th, May,C-Line Marisol with lots of requests will be on sale as Ver. Human and Marisol's twin brother boy version Mateo will be on sale, too.

      On 23rd, May, we will have another 10th anniversary limited doll on sale with requests, so we hope your attentions again, please. :D

      * 10th anniversary 1st sale

      C-Line Girl Marisol Ver. Human / C-Line Boy Mateo Ver. Human
      Time : 2018.5.10. 12:00 (KST) ~ sold out

      - 10th anniversary event

      From 10th May ,for all the customers ordering dolls, we will give 100 customers (first come, first served). Embroidered bracelet set designed with motive as BJD CROBI's foundation day, 20th May's birth flower 괭이밥 (wood sorrel). For owner's bracelet and doll's bracelet (more than 60cm doll) , there will be a set as a couple item.

      Target : 2018. 5. 10. 00:00 AM (KST) ~ goods sold out (order/payment confirmed in orderly during event time)

      * Embroidered bracelet will be not easy to use depending on the size.
      (for owner's whole length : 26cm / for doll's bracelet whole length : 12.5cm)
      * Depending on the production characteristics, some part of embroidery might be even.

      Ys Day Dream Limited


      Marisol Ver. Human

      Mateo Ver. Human


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