Event 2018 LUTS Summer Event

May 24, 2018

    1. Thank you for your loving always.
      To show our appreciation for our valued customers, we will start 2018 SUMMER EVENT soon.
      Please check this notice and DON’T MISS it!


      Period: 12:00, 30th May 2018 ~ (KST)

      1. Target: Customers who order our dolls or items during the event period.

      Order items.
      - Over $137 - Random free Wig
      - Over $228 - Random free Wig or free Shoes (choose one)

      Order Dolls (including body parts)
      - Over $275 - Small size free Carrier (Random color, for Honey Delf and Tiny Delf)
      - Over $365 - Medium size free Carrier (Random color, for Kid Delf, Model Delf and Baby Delf)
      - Over $545 – Large size free Carrier (Random color, for Delf, Senior Delf, Senior65 Delf)
      - In the case of Super Senior Delf, it need to separate the head from the body to storage.
      - Over $1640 – LUTS My Choice doll 1EA (NORMAL/WHITE/BROWN Skin only, it charges extra shipping cost)

      2. Notice
      * We offer only 1 event gift for the specific amount of each order.
      If customer makes several event orders, applied free gift for each order will be shipped.
      * If you combine the orders, we don't count the sum amount for event gift. The bigger amount is counted.
      * Shipping fee is not included in the total amount! please be aware of that.
      * Discounted dolls or set (e.g. Honey Delf Full Set series or Delf CLAUS& NINA - Forbidden Love ) are not counted as the total amount.
      * Dolls from other companies are not included in the total amount. (BLUE FAIRY, DAYDREAM, DOLLITS, GRANADO)
      * It is OK to change the free item as lower price tier's gift.

      - SHOES OR WIG -
      * You can choose SIZE of gifted random Shoes / Wig (SIZE only, not color or design)
      Please indicate the size in the request box when you place the order.

      - Free Carrier -
      * It provides as random color and design.
      * It is not offer LUTS basic box.
      * It will not be charged the shipping fee about the Free Carrier.

      * If you are qualified to get the free LUTS MY CHOICE, please kindly indicate "head type, body type and skin color" of your doll in the request box, when you place the order.
      * If you are qualified to get the free LUTS MY CHOICE, it could be add some extra shipping cost.

      If you have further inquiry about this, please don't hesitate to contact us through Q&A board, which is the fastest way to get answer.
      Thank you very much!

      - LUTS
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    2. Can we order both a doll and accessories to qualify for the free carrier, or does this total only include dolls and body parts? For example, if I order a Kid Delf with two wigs to go over 365$, does the order still qualify for the free medium carrier?

      I am considering ordering a doll during the event but all the Kid Delf option parts are sold out at the moment (except for the bodies which I don't need).
    3. Total Item cost (doll + accessories) :)
      For the details, please contact us via our Q&A board, face book or e-mail.

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