Event 2018 Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box - Doll Convention Ticket & Magazine Pre-Order

Jul 21, 2018

    1. Hello Doll Lovers,

      This is Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box team :)
      It is only 3 months left for our 2018 event
      and it will be great if you would like to join us :whee:


      Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box
      2018 Winter Doll Convention

      Taipei City, Taiwan,
      Sun. 21. 10. 2018

      There will be more than 50 international doll companies,
      and over 500 booths joined us this year!


      Please check our website for vendor list:

      Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box Website

      Further, we will launch our first
      Traditional Mandarin / English Doll Magazine
      at this year's event!

      *One of the covers, the doll made by Capsule Scuplt, Outfits by Tableau Vivant
      *Exclusive iMda 3.0 Odelie, face-up by Laminar, outfits by Camellia, sponsored by iMda Doll.
      The doll will also be one of the magazine raffle gift.

      The magazine will includes:whee::
      iMda Doll (cover), Capsule Sculpt (cover), Enchanted Doll Eyes, Tableau Vivant
      DD size pleat skirt, 1/6 size summer dress, doll wig materials introduction.
      New dolls, Shanghai Dolly Paradise Report, Taipei Doll Shops.

      There are also many RAFFLES
      will be hosted on the event day!
      Advance Visitor Pass Raffle
      (Just pre-order event ticket, and you can join this raffle!)
      Magazine Pre-order Raffle
      (Just pre-order the magazine, and you can join this raffle!)
      Early-bird Entrance Raffle
      Event Exclusive Raffle

      You can find our amazing sponsors and gift list HERE

      Event Ticket & Magazine are both available for Pre-Order Now!
      You can find it via our partnership store:

      For more event information, please check Visitor Guide
      or follow us at:
      facebook (Mandarin / English)
      plurk (Mandarin)
      instagram (English)
      twitter (English)
      Weibo (Mandarin)​
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