Event 2018 Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box - Winter Doll Convention

Apr 29, 2018

    1. To Dear Doll Lovers,

      This is Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box, a doll event curating team based in Taiwan.
      We would like to invite you to join our
      2018 Winter Doll Convention,
      which will be hosted at
      Taipei City, Taiwan,

      Sat. 21. 10. 2018
      Currently, we already have nearly 500 vendors from all around the world will take part of the event,
      and the numbers are still increasing!
      You can find out the participating brands at our website front page:

      Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box Website
      *the list is still updating!

      or our facebook fanpage and instagram:

      facebook fanpage

      The vendor application will be closed on 6th of May,
      if you are interesting to join us, here are the information pages:

      Business Vendor Application
      General Vendor Application

      If you would like to visit the event, here are the visitor information:

      Visitor Guide

      The pre-order ticket information will be updated soon!

      About Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box
      Founded in 2012,
      Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box wishes to provide a new, fun, and different types of events for doll lovers.
      From the first 《 Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box—Taiwan Doll Convention 》 since 2013,
      there are more than 500 vendors and 2,000 visitors from all around the world
      participating the event every year.
      The Convention includes:
      BJD show and market, free and paid photography area, special workshops,
      and lots of amazing ruffle events!

      2017 Convention Photos
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