2019 doll plans!

Nov 8, 2018


Doll Plans

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  1. Buying New Dolls

  2. Paying Layaways

  3. Focusing on Current Dolls

  4. Sculpting

  5. Creating Clothing/Eyes/Etc.

  6. Other

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    1. With 2018 drawing to a close and 2019 taking its place, has anyone gotten a chance to plan for next year?

      I am getting my first doll at the end of this year. A Dream Valley Cloris. After... I would like a Stray Dreams Lela head in white skin for Hyacinth (my DV Cloris). All 5 of Island Doll's little ghosts....A doll zone ivy. I need to get a styleable wig for Hyacinth.
      And I'm going to try and get Acacia shelled. Hopefully by the end of the year (2019) I'll have her shelled as well and her wigs.
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    2. My plan is to not buy any more dolls! :XD:
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    3. Lol me too! I told myself to stop at the fourth girl until I finally graduate :XD: I pray that I will keep my promise lol

      @Colorblindcrayons your doll plans sound great and exciting :) It seems like a lovely collection is coming your way.
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    4. I might live vicariously through those still buying! Post pics for us! :)
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    5. My 2018 ended up not quite going as planned so I have no idea what next year will hold. Ideally I'd be able to finally locate the 'right' sculpts for a few characters demanding to be shelled and at least get the ball rolling with them. Other than that I may need to focus on other doll projects and my cheaper OT gang rather than bring more resin home. At least until I find a bigger spot to relocate the resin babes to. Even with almost exclusively having a collection of tinies these little buggers are outgrowing their table.
    6. I have a wishlist. I will work on that but nothing until after the new year!
    7. I have one last doll body planned but a) it needs to get finished and b) I need a new job to be able to afford it. After that, we'll see if I add anything else to my wishlist besides clothes. Probably not though, I prefer to keep my wishlist and collection small. The redesigned MDR Fang has me tempted, but it won't be out till 2019 anyway, so I have time on the off chance I decide to get her.
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    8. My house is super small so I only have room for 2 MSD and a couple of tinies. I'm hoping to find Ivy in stock somewhere or on the second hand market because I hear doll Zone takes 5..6 months and I don't think I can survive that. I have a few exceptions, if I find a noble doll Raspberry I'm getting her no matter what. But I'm excited to see if 2019 will be better than 2018.
    9. My 2019 plans seem to be most of my 2018 plan which didn't really work out this year! :XD:

      I really need/want to finish putting together my Soom Picro hybrid - I only just finally got him a body last month, but that's still in the process of a deodorizing process, and then I'll need to dye it and paint it and stuff, but that's my most immediate plan! :) I've had his head and eyes and wig all set for over 2 years now, so it's about time!

      I am also saving and planning for sooo many things... Q__Q I need to save money for a body and outfit/accessories for my IOS Sezz, appropriate pants and boots for 2 of my other boys, and a bunch of accessories for one of my girls.
      I also have plans for making Fallout (the videogame) props on the back burner - I want to make an in-scale Power Armor for one of my boys to wear, as well as an in-scale brahmin too. :3 Of course, making those props will probably cost almost as much as a doll, so that's why they're on a back burner. :P
      Oh and I do still have 2 girls on my wishlist too, but they were older sculpts that I'm not sure I really like much anymore, so they are on the even-further back burner until I find sculpts I really like for them. :)
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    10. Pipos' Charlotte and something quite small. May be Dikadoll Raindrop. And God knows what else.
    11. I'm not planning to buy any more dolls, in fact I'm looking forward to selling most of my collection:lol: Some dolls just need to go since I feel like having only a maximum of three dolls at home would make them feel more special.
      Besides from that I'm planning on buying more clothes for them, especially my SD16 girl needs more clothes!
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    12. No more bjds...no really, 2019 is a good year to stop!

      One thing that might derail this for sure is IF Island Doll makes a Hidden Island No. 2 (to go with my No. 1). They won’t, right? :sweat
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    13. I’ve got two dolls that I bought this year coming in next year. I plan on getting the blank one sorted out with a cute outfit and a nice custom face up! The other is a fullset and I really want to take advantage of that and start photographing him right out of the gate.

      I have two dolls I really want to get next year and I’m already saving so hopefully I’ll be able to get both by the end of next year!

      Biggest goal however is the same as this year. Get a centaur bjd! I’m keeping an eye out for the perfect one :)

      2019 will be the year of the doll fo me lol
    14. I would love to buy at least one dredlux wig for my dolls
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    15. I finally picked up an SD17 body for my Cecile, Kyren… which has left me with an SD13 bod that'll need a head. I'm considering hunting down a Syo for that, at long last.

      I don't really have any solid "new doll" plans beyond that. As always, if a SoulDoll Celestyn happens to show up on the market... or a Lati Temple Knight K or Oracle M... I'd pounce with swift pouncing to add them to the crew, but I'm short on cabinet space and that makes me less likely to add anyone else.

      Outfits, though... There are a *lot* of those I have an eye on. And not spending my "fun money" on dolls gives me a lot more available funds for making my way through that list.
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    16. My plans for 2019 is to buy an MSD, a YOSD....also buy a body for my 1/3 male head! I have so many things on my list to buy right now!
    17. My plans for 2019 include the arrival of my Harucasting Maji and Lillycat Ninon :3nodding:. I also want to work on my Doll Chateau Bella's character and overall just work on sending the crew out for face-ups and such. The last thing I want to work on for 2019 is getting busts for my boys because their heads are beautiful but I'm not so sure having those big 60cm and up bodies are my thing:sweat and a Supia body for my Feeple60 Lunnula.
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    18. My 2019 plans are:
      -Bring Min's body home. [I'm hoping to actually order it soon. I'm mostly just waiting to see if Loong Soul does a winter event.]
      -Shell Min & Adrian's daughter.
      -Build an SD sized sofa that will double as storage. [Bought the foam for this a couple days ago actually.]
      -Figure out collapsible dioramas.
      -Get out in the world and take more photos outdoors!
      -Continue to practice my faceup techniques.
      -Body blush Adrian (including tattoos and scar).
      -learn wig ventilating since I didn't do it in 2018 like I wanted to.

      It seems like a long list, but I've already got the ball rolling on quite a few of these already, and for most of the things that I haven't started yet I at least have pretty solid ideas about what to do.
    19. My plans are to buy no more than two dolls, a Doll Love Yoyo & another Little Fee (haven't decided which one yet.) I might sell a couple more 1/3 dolls but I'm pretty much down to those I dearly love. Also I want to stop buying clothes. It's eating up all my doll money! If I would get rolling, I could sew anything they need. These 1/6 dolls are a new adventure for me. I only had mature 1/3 & 1/4 dolls so I'm going a bit overboard. I do plan to buy a few more wigs since my 1/6 & 1/4 dolls all wear the same wig size. Hopefully I can sell the rest of my unwanted OT dolls (some I want to keep) & to thin the bear herd.
    20. 2019 will be about finishing the dolls I've started, more so than 2018 was. This past year, I tried to focus on getting bodies for my floating heads and added very little to my wishlist. I did pretty well with that objective, though I do feel a little behind where I wanted to be, but not so behind that I feel like I completely failed!

      Currently, I am on the lookout for a sculpt to fit one character. I hope to have him home and complete by the end of next year.

      I have five floating heads that need bodies, but two of them have bodies ordered already. I expect they'll both be here by the end of the year. I have one floating body that needs a head, but that one is already ordered as well, and I hope it also arrives before the end of the year.

      I have one head that I've ordered and I don't even have a character for. I expect it'll arrive sometime in the first 1/3 of 2019, and I hope to have a backstory for him by then.

      That head, plus the other three without bodies, will hopefully all have bodies by the end of 2019.

      I also plan to purchase one more floating head, but it will be the second head for a character who is already shelled. He gets some pretty nasty scarring in the middle of the story, and I wanted a head to reflect that, so it'll just be for the second version of his face-up.

      Beyond that, I want to keep working on sewing, wig making, eye making, face ups and modifications to make them all into the characters I envision them to be.