New Doll 2019 Spring event Doll & New 1/4 boy [Doll Leaves]

Feb 4, 2019

    1. Hello, Everyone,

      We are happy to announce our Spring Event:

      Time: 4th Feb ~ 18th Mar, 2019


      1. Purchasing Doll Leaves basic doll or fullset ≥USD450,( Limited edition also included, shipping fee NOT included)

      will get 1 free EVENT DOLL Laura (makeup not included, white or normal skin).

      2. Amount ≥ USD800, will get 2 free EVENT DOLL Laura (makeup not included, white or normal skin).

      PS: Laura is limited edition doll, after event will be discontinued.







      Head Circa:10.5CM

      Neck Circa:2.7CM

      Shoulder Width:4.4CM

      Arm Length:8CM

      Breast Circa:9CM

      Waist Circa:7.1CM

      Thigh Circa:4.3CM

      Leg Length:9.5CM

      Foot Length:2CM

      Foot Width:1.1CM

      Thank you very much.

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    2. We just released new 1/4 boy with New 1/4 BOY BODY:




      1/4 New Boy Body:


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    3. If we order one of the other boy dolls can we request it be on the new boy body?
    4. Where can we find the measurements for the new boy body? And what size is the Berg head?
    5. Yes, you can choose any type of the body in the same size line.
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    6. We just added the measurement on the body link.

      Head Circa:17CM

      Neck Circa:6.5CM

      Shoulder Width:9CM

      Arm Length:18CM

      Breast Circa:16.5CM

      Waist Circa:13CM

      Thigh Circa:9.7CM

      Leg Length:23CM

      Foot Length:5.5CM

      Foot Width:2CM
    7. Is it possible to get a photo of the newer girl MSD girl body and boy body together. I know right now the newer girl body is taller than the original boy body and wanted to see what the difference in height is now with both newer bodies. Thanks in advance.
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    8. is it possible to get a pic of the two boy bodies side by side as well to compare? thank you!