2020 Doll Plans

Oct 16, 2019


What are your doll plans for 2020?

Poll closed Jan 1, 2020.
  1. Buying new dolls

    136 vote(s)
  2. Paying layaways

    47 vote(s)
  3. Working on the dolls you have

    226 vote(s)
  4. Sculpting

    35 vote(s)
  5. Making clothes/wigs

    152 vote(s)
  6. Practicing your faceups/body blushing skills

    119 vote(s)
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    1. Alright I know it's only October but I know I'm not the only one thinking ahead like this. What are your 2020 doll plans?

      For me, my 2020 looks something like this:

      planning to buy-
      :aheartbea Island Doll Sparkle + Island Doll Angel body
      :aheartbea Merrydollround Fang or Olathe head*
      :aheartbea a doll to shell a specific character I have in mind, but haven't found him yet
      :aheartbea more clothes for my SD boy, Liam
      :aheartbea jointed hands for Liam
      * unless rendds from instagram puts her sculpt up for preorder, then that'll take priority over the mdr heads

      :aheartbea Practice faceups and body blushing
      :aheartbea Liam's ftm chest mod (if I don't do that by the end of the year lol)

      I've also decided that if I can't bond with my Unidoll Cupi, I have to sell her by this time next year. :( I loved her at first but she deserves a home with someone who plays with her more than just going to meetups.
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    2. I have a bad habit of buying all the new dolls I want pretty much as soon as I have the money so I've promised myself that in 2020 I'm going to focus on properly styling everyone that I have now and being a bit more active with them too. I've already ordered some of the new stuff I want though because again, little impulse control >u>'' my doll plans often end up pretty spontaneous!
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    3. My plans involve getting numbers down and getting those staying finished. I have two layaways to pay off and at least seven dolls coming in, four are paid off, two will be next month and one will be at least three more months of paying off. I have resolved not to add more due to health issues and sadly have to part with some due to health. But will strive to get better and enjoy the ones that stay.
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    4. I'm planning on just expanding my dolls' wardrobes and accessories for the diorama. Everybody still needs shoes, and I'm looking to do something different with storage for their clothes and shoes they already have. Unless a grail pops up at a price I can't say no to, I'm on a dolly no buy. Though, that might change during tax refund season... NO! I shouldn't be swayed! But extra monies.... NOOOOOOO! XD
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    5. I’m hoping not to buy new dolls, but some need new bodies. I want to work on my skills with making clothes & props, as well as photography and backdrops. I think at just past 20, my collection is levelling out and I’d like to build my savings now!
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    6. I am trying not to buy as we are downsizing in the coming year. Will focus on enjoying being creative with the dolls and materials I already own. I tend to jump ahead to new projects without fully completing the one's I've already started. How many clothing items that still need snaps or closures is really embarassing.
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    7. I’m going through my collection and downsizing. A couple msd will be staying, and I plan on only having 1/6 scale from now forward. It will be a slow process and probably take all next year! I do plan on adding more SOOM Petite Gems as they are released in the future. I’m just going to stick with one company and one sculpt line to keep me disciplined.
    8. Sorted by priority:
      1) Working on the dolls I have. My Resident Evil crew needs to be finished. Lots of other dolls of mine need to be finished (read: taken apart, restrung, cleaned, styled, heads sent to get new face-ups, etc.) Focus probably will be on the Resident Evil crew since I simply like them the most, right now. And they all need their proper wigs, clothes, face-ups, shoes/boots and accessories, too ...

      2) Buying new dolls. My Resident Evil crew still (desperately!) needs a Carlos and a Becky. Meaning I'll be monitoring different doll companies for new mature tinies, because those have heads the right size to pass as kids to my fashiondoll-sized Resident Evil crew. Can't have a kiddo with a 6-7 inch head when "Mom" only got a 5-6 inch head, plus the average tiny simply doesn't have the right proportions. And of course I'll be looking for a fashiondoll-sized guy who can be customized to look similar enough to Carlos so I'll give him a thumbs-up (note: I'm talking RE movieverse here, so anyone who looks similar enough to Oded Fehr will do). Of course this part most likely will also involve

      3) Paying layaways, since I don't know whether I'll be able to pay any of the dolls I might be getting in 2020 in full.

      4) Of course working on the dolls I have also involves making them clothes. As long as I can knit said clothes. No good at sewing but knitting works great for me. Also, might try my hand at wig-making, since trying to make my very first faux fur wig worked alot better than i expected. Now I wanna try sewing wefts to a wig cap. (Disclaimer: I'm no good at sewing with a machine, handsewing works okay, I just don't wanna handsew doll clothes - did that once with a dress and - never again.)

      Standard disclaimer: I won't be getting any new dolls that aren't on my wishlist in 2020, but of course we all know I won't be able to stick to that. ;)
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    9. I have a few dolls, probably too many, on my Wishlist, but I have a few projects in mind for the dolls I currently have, including sculpting new parts for them. I also want to improve my sewing so my dolls have a few more things to wear...
      2020 might be a fun and/or busy year!
    10. I'm going to be working on existing dolls, and one for a very good friend. :) I'm looking forward to getting my boy blushed and faced up and dressed and out on the shelf!

      That, and doing joint photoshoots with my friend is an extra excuse to hang out. xD
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    11. I have two goals for next year: working on the dolls I already have and making new wigs.

      I have slowly worked on my msd dolls to get them ready. Other one is missing a wig and the other is missing half of her wardrobe :'D But other than that they are ready. I'm also working on a small diorama for them and it is only missing few final touches, like curtains. It makes me feel proud to see it coming together and see my 2 dolls in there.

      My 3 sd's are in the need of work too. My guy is pretty much ready, I just need to fix his eyelashes. But the girls... other is missing body and her clothes and the other girl is missing her clothes. I'm horrible at sewing but decided yet again give it a chance (like hundred times before xD)
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    12. I want to try and put the rest of my floating heads to bodies. Probably my biggest priority at the moment.
      I also want to decide on a wardrobe style for each of my dolls and an overall theme for my dolls I guess.
      I know I’ll end up with some more additions to my little family along the way lol:aheartbea
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    13. My 2020 plans are as follows:

      -Face-ups (commissioned, I can't paint for toffee), wigs and eyes for everyone
      -Two or three more Sato orders from Volks, depending on who I manage to bring home before this year is out
      -Commission shoes, jewellery and furniture that I am wanting
      -Sew clothes for everyone
      -Sell any dolls that aren't really "sticking"
      -Stop buying any more dolls that aren't on my wishlist, I don't have the space to store them and it is getting ridiculous :lol:
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    14. -nervous laughter because it's literally the same list from 2019 but I bought a doll I wasn't supposed to-

      * Get sale pictures taken. The space problem is not going to be solved by hanging on to things
      * this goes for the floating heads as well
      * bodies or bust
      *you do realize bodies for the floating heads means that's actually four newbies right?
      * right????
      * more clothes, notably clothes that actually FIT because you keep buying dolls in weird in-between sizes
      *on a similar note, actually buy shoes. One pair each is not enough. Some don't even have that.
      *never enough wigs.
      *sit down and figure out who needs restringing, then do that. Get Nobuyuki's magnets while you're at it.
      * F A C E U P S
      *blush Mori. The sculpt deserves better and you know it.
      *stop looking at miniatures you hoarder we just had the no space discussion.
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    15. I have two main goals for 2020!

      1) Finish Tadpole! He needs a faceup, and I need to make his fantasy outfit. Thankfully he already has his wig and eyes.

      2) Buy Elisha! My new character~ He’ll be a NS Minifee Mika, though I still haven’t decided if I want a custom faceup or the default one. But beyond that he’ll need a wig (I already have some picked out), eyes, and clothes, obviously. I also want to get his hands blushed, and maaaaybe his whole body. Haven’t decided yet.

      Bonus) If I have some spare cash lying around (unlikely), I’d really like to get a DSLR and some lenses so I can work more with depth of focus and editing RAW images. I like photography even beyond dolls, so I’d like to upgrade from my phone. :lol:
    16. I have a few goals for 2020. Most of them revolve around working on the dolls I already have. I need to work on elf ear mods, making outfits, a couple of them need some major modding and dying done, making wigs, making eyes, doing/re-doing face-ups, etc. So that will be the first big focus.

      Two of my dolls still need bodies, so I hope to get that done.

      And lastly, I have decided to shell Fletch, but I haven't even picked out a sculpt for him yet, so I'm hoping I'll at least have that figured out, if not ordered, by the end of 2020.
    17. 1) wipe and repaint/blush Hypatia my Soom Alk
      2) work on sets for doll photography
      3) paint/blush my pukipuki(only if I can't squeeze it in before the temps get too cold down here. I've got at least one day that's looking good for it so far)
      4) make or buy a carrying case for my dolls(I need something better to take them out for photography)
      5) Find some doll friends!
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    18. I love thinking about future doll plans. I'd say practice sewing/face ups/photography, finish a diorama for my bigger dolls and maybe a new doll (or a few) will find their way to me. I'd really like to place a Volks Full choice order, hopefully they finally include a sculpt I want.
    19. This coming year, I want to focus on working on my unfinished dolls.

      Three heads need both faceups and bodies. Possible color matching might be involved.
      Two complete dolls: both need eyes and faceups, one needs a wig (gonna try and make her one), the other needs shoes.

      I also need a way to make more room for the to be completed dolls... that might involve a LOT of doll stands.
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    20. Prob going to work on my newest doll head that I've gotten attached to which means getting him a ton of new things like a body, an outfit, wig, the whole thing. Plus start working on the other new full doll I have on order. And working through all my old dolls and more. I actually have a box worth of BJDs i never looked through I found in a local thrift shot. Someone really didn't seem to want them so they put everything of their collection in it. So thats in the plans too!
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