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21-cm tiny - Cherishdoll

Sep 21, 2006

    1. do you mean cm not inch? ^-^;;

      dunno what I think of Cherishdoll...they look a little bland...not really my taste...
    2. :o That is a HUGHE tiny!! *laughs and wipes tears from eyes* Yeah, it looks to be a major typo to me too. More like 21cm . . . and you are sooo bad for pointing her out to me. I have this samurai thingy bad and she is sooo cute. Darn . . . and I just bought my Cumi too, only two weeks ago.

      *mutters to self* I MUST find something to sell . . . ???
    3. mhhh
      nice ... and I do love this size
      love the MSD and SD shoes though
    4. Duh - just fixed that in my title. Thanks!

    5. I know what you mean babytarragon, she's cute, but I can think of a lot of (like... eight <_<) other tinies I'd rather buy for that price. :o

      I do love their SD/MSD shoes though. Want the pumps!!! *__*
    6. She's really sweet looking. :)
      Don't know if I must have her, though.
    7. I'm curious to see what her body looks like, her face is adorable.
    8. the pictures of her body are up
      ...she is very much like the Leeke , I think she is more expensive than a lot of the new tinys comming out at the momment because the acsessoires she comes with

      sweet little face , but the outfit and wigs do nothing for me at all
      Im thinking it would be nice if you could buy the dolls on their own
      that may come later ...hope so for them , I think that size is wonderful , tiny but not too tiny
    9. I went and had a look at her again tonight
      I was very pleased to see she is available in "kit" form
      I do like to buy blank head and body
      I cant make out if there is s a boy body too
      I like her ...
      Damn , with Petes Job situation the way it is I cant order her
      but I think she is on my WANT list
      so thats
      This little girl and Wishel ,mmhhhhh
    10. I bid on the one on Ebay and I am still winning. It will be nice to get a doll selling for $278 for so much less. I guess no one else is brave enough to bid on an item from a seller with 0 feedback. Lucky me.