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25 cm doll clothes, help...

Jul 17, 2009

    1. I am new to the bjd world... I just bought a 25 cm obitsu doll body/head (girl) to start. (I am going to try my own face ups...)

      But what I am having trouble finding are the clothes for 25 cm body. I am not, as of yet, looking for a specific style... I just want to get my links in order for future reference. My next doll will be Dollfie...I already have some things in mind for her. :)

      Thus far I have:

      Mimi Collection
      Denver Emporium
    2. I am actually looking for similar information. I just got a LittleFee Ante, and I am looking for fashionable clothing that isn't too expensive.
    3. The 25cm Obistus are off topic.
    4. Since I am new here I did not totaly realize this... I was posting to find 25 cm doll clothes...

      But if anyone has any info on 25 cm doll clothes for any body allowed here, I know others, as well as myself, will greatly appreciate it. :) Thanks.
    5. That's why the first thing anyone should do when they join any forum is look at the rules before posting....I didn't mean that in an impolite way, just advising :) as that will stop your threads being locked, etc as any non resin doll is classed as off topic here.

      Biggest problem with finding clothes for tinies is the fact they vary so much in shape, some have what are classed as 'mature' bodies (probably what you are looking for), some as childlike, some as slender, some chubby so what clothing you find to fit yours will not fit hen88's doll as the bodies are completely different shapes despite the height.

      I think the places you have already listed are a very good start for your requirements. Have a hunt on Etsy as well. There are a lot of doll clothing makers there.

      Good luck
    6. I did not know they were non resin...good to know. But yes, after posting I continued on my overview of the rules...and I had seen quite a few posts about obitsu...so it was a bit confusing when I was told it was off topic.

      I love Etsy, so I will look there. Thank you.
    7. The bigger obitsus are on topic, like the dollfie dreams. They were sort of grandfathered in to the rules. There is a sticky somewhere on what is on topic and what is not and why it is. : )

      Oh, and maybe Sugar Mag clothes might fit? They are made for blythes but can fit cherishdolls and others too! Maybe even pukifee?
    8. tabelladonna

      The stores you have listed have a great range especially mimiwoo and junkyspot. Barbie (by Mattel) clothing range firts a wide range of 25cm dolls - its just a matter of chosing the outfits made from stretch fabrics rather than woven and the pants are often too-long and need to be trimmed shorter.

      (And from experience the 25cm Obitsu's you are talking about IMO are horrible - the hinges always break)

      This is the best thread for infor on what is and isnt on topic as far as dolls are concerned: Criteria for Doll "On-Topic" for DoA

      Hope it helps ;)
    9. I took a look at Sugar Mag...adorable pieces. Great place to look for ideas whiile waiting for my doll to arrive. I thank you for that.
    10. Good to know on the 25cm obitsu...I am going to go with a dollfie next go around. (I have been drooling over a few these past few days. ;)

      I will take a look at that link...thanks.
    11. Dollfies- the 27cm range ones- are off topic as well, unless you were talking about Super Dollfies. This thread is a little more specific than the other thread linked, and actually lists which dolls are off-topic. It can be a little confusing at first! :)
    12. Yeah and Obitsu makes an SD size doll that IS on topic...so yes it's confusing.

      As far as resin dolls similar to the 25cm Obitsu...The Soom Mini Gems...the Souldoll Littles...and if you can find one...the Limwha To You.

      Mine are 20cm-ish...I have an Orientdoll Joong Wol, a Garden of Dolls PpoPpo, and an Elfdoll Hana.

      The Bobobie March/Isabella and the Resinsoul Bei/Ni are AWESOME!!! I highly recommend them...I had a Bei for a while and I shouldn't have sold her...I did like March better though.

      Hmm who else...help me out :D

      ETA: The Sleeping Elf makes a 27cm Moona, Mina and Bracken which are to die for.
    13. As others have said, Obitsus are off-topic here, so I'm locking this thread now as you've already received some good advice.

      The best place I know to get lovely 25cm clothes is the buy & sell section on This Is Blythe. Just look for Blythe-sized clothes generally, because she wears 25cm clothes and there are loads of gorgeous outfits for her.

      Discussion of similarly sized BJDs is here: