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25cm dolls "Haroo and Borry" by chesca - Yo-sd size Slinky Neko dolls

Dec 21, 2008

    1. I love the grumpy mouths and the cute vibe of the faces on these two new dolls. After staring at them I have figured out that Borry has slightly more turned up eyes and a wider nose than Haroo. Also chesca tell me Borry has a slightly more open mouth.
      I think Haroo is my favorite if pressed to decide but I like both of them being so similar.

      I would like to see a closeup of the hands.
      Thoughts: I wish the bottom of the feet where not so flat. I love feet that have more curve. Also I think the bodies look a bit square overall. Though I am not so keen on the Yo-sd body either so I guess its just the overall shape personal preference for me.
      ? what do you think? faces are winning me over.
      Resin color is normal.

      Thoughts anyone? Squees? bodys look similar to yo-sd and they fit the same clothing.
      Measurements taken from her site:
      Height - 24.6 cm
      Head - 16 cm
      Foot - 4 cm
      wig size = 6 inch wig
      14mm eyes

      New thread here:

      HAROO is the one wearing the lighter wig.

      Here message taken from news area.
      This is chesca
      I was designed a outfit for doll...for a long time.
      but i wished my dolls that look at in my site only.
      My hopes have at last been realized....
      Finally,,,I'm informing the news about my new shopping mall.

      My individual shop is Slinky Neko..
      Slinky Neko means the stray cat..Hum..kitty..:sweat
      Please show interest for my cute dolls.

      I wish your visit to my site....^__*



      This one below is Borry


    2. I think they are adorable. I love their outfits too. I am always a fan of pouty dolls, and I just love their overall design. Chesca makes the most awesome stuff, and her dolls are no exception!
    3. Yeh the pouty faces thats what does it for me.
    4. I was thinking of adopting a larger doll...but after seeing these cuties I'm going to hunt out a mini! Very VERY sweet :o) Love their fashion too!
    5. These girls are so cute! I want to give them a hug and pinch their cheeks and give them a candy. Did you see all the pictures in the gallery? Borry's my favourite.

      I wonder, are the outfits really sold out, or just not on sale yet? And how much will the non-limited ones be?
    6. Can you ask that question in the news thread? I would like to know also. Though I can't see whats limited about these guys?
    7. Oh my, aren't they adorable! I love their faces although I usually don't go for sad looking dolls... these just look pensive to me. I can't decide which one I prefer.

      I went to the site and saw that the outfits are already listed as sold out. Are they waiting to be listed or am I already out of luck?
    8. Okay, I asked about basic versions and the outfits, too. But if you click on the Basic section on the website, they're in there instead of Special Ltd.
    9. Yeh I think these are the basic - except the limited part might be they come with a rabbit bag if you order before Dec 30 it said on the site. So maybe limited offer this time.
      The outfits where never instock from the day the maker posted in News at least.
    10. They remind me a lot of Bluefairy's dolls, at least the eyes do. I think they are precious.
    11. Yeah, I can see the bluefairy comparison. The definitely look very caricaturish. I think they're cute. Maybe sometime in the future I will add one of these sad girls to my crew. I'm really loving the default outfit though!
    12. In case anyone missed this-

      Yay! The outfits are so adorable. Especially the earmuffs! :XD:
    13. Okay, they're adorable! I love grumpy, pouty faces and these two charmers are sweethearts! I may have to add them to my 2009 dollie budget!
    14. Has anyone ordered one? how long do you have before arrival? I cant' wait to see owner pictures and a review!!
    15. A couple of you have already commented on how they remind you of BlueFairy dolls. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw their eyes and little pouty faces. I think they're a bit bigger than the Pocket Fairies, but not by much. Really cute!
    16. Well these guys are Yo-sd volks size so they are quite a bit bigger than pocket fairy which is less than half the height.
      I don't see much similarity to the blue fairy dolls myself - to me they look more like some of the newer yo-sd size leeke dolls.
    17. They also look to be similar in size and stature to the Fairyland LittleFees. So yeah, they are quite a bit bigger than the BF Pocket Fairies. I think their faces remind me a little of the Minimay and Noma Pocket Fairies.

      They are totally adorable though, and I still want both of them!
    18. Kyaaaa~~~ How sweet! And in the right size for me too! (Like I've been saying for a while now, tinys are gonna be my grave!)

      I didn't realise that she were wearing ear muff in the first pic. I want to have someting like that! :D
    19. Which is the one in the maroon colored wig?

      EDIT: Oops, the answer's on the website so I already answered my own question...
    20. Yep Maroon wig is Haroo as is the blond long wig. The one with the long black wig and the short light choc brown wig is Borry. They do look very similar but I find Borry a bit more moody looking.