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25cm dolls "Haroo and Borry"of my new site...

Dec 17, 2008

    1. Hi....
      This is chesca
      I was designed a outfit for doll...for a long time.
      but i wished my dolls that look at in my site only.
      My hopes have at last been realized....
      Finally,,,I'm informing the news about my new shopping mall.

      My individual shop is Slinky Neko..
      Slinky Neko means the stray cat..Hum..kitty..:sweat
      Please show interest for my cute dolls.

      I wish your visit to my site....^__*


    2. WOW adorable and so much feeling and mood love them! I love your doll design and your creativity.
      Do they fit Yo-sd size clothing also? and for shoes?
      Is it possible to request a different makeup than the default? I see in your example picture the makeup is more detailed.

    3. It looks like your bandwith has been exceeded. Is it possible for you to show pictures of your dolls here?
    4. Thank you for your high praise ^^
      Yes,,,, she fit items of the Yo-sd size everything.
      And,,, it's possible to request another makeup..but that is pay make-up..^^;

      Thank you so much~

      I'm sorry...but now my site open again..
      from now on,,, Never will exceed traffic. soo sorry.

      Then, There is so many pics on gallery board of Slinky neko.
      I hope you look at cute my dolls' pic. ^__^

      Thank you!!!!
    5. Hello :) Your dolls are so cute! Will there be non-limited versions and how much will they cost? And are the outfits sold out or not for sale yet?

    6. The basic versions prepared soon...but that cost are same,,,:sweat
      and I'm preparing the outfits now so it will sale soon...:)
    7. Will the basic sets your preparing come with the same wigs that are shown? the longer wooley looking ones I really like the longer ones. Ah I love both these dolls face :)
    8. Thank you sooooo much~

      Two long waved wigs of this pic made by myself for only photography. sorry..
      I'll try to looking for the others like them....as soon as possible..:sweat

    9. Are the basic outfits going to be the same as the fabric as the picture above of the colorful dresses? I am trying to decide when to order ! the first or second basic sets.
      Will you do clothing for them more in your gothic cute style also?
      Is the skin color lighter than volks regular skin? the resin color looks very nice on your dolls.
      Also how much is the special order makeup? is it the same artist that did the more detailed makeup on your Borry above with the brown hood?
    10. Hi~
      Today...It's soo cold...my office is very cold.:sweat
      I was designed some dresses for Neko-children...
      they fit another tiny babies... soo happy for finished sample..hahaa~
      but i was not found the same fabric with the last pic. sorry!
      Even so, that is so colorful thing ...^^//
      Surely, i'm going to make a gothic styles for baby..
      Wait moment please i'll try up on my home ASAP.:lol:

      Anyhow,,, I think my doll's skin is same volks nomal skin...:sweat
      And,,,,Pay Makeup is....hum..I'll think about the price..but Artist will same.

      Now Open LTD. doll's item is basic...maybe the clothe wig and etc are
      included with basic doll too after...after...^^ I was aleady preparing all thing.
      I try to updating as soon.. in my odd times..:fangirl:

      Thank you for your intererting for my doll....

    11. :) hello again, Do you have an update to my questions? will you be updating your site with different clothing ? I want to order the dolls soon!