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27 cm BJD

Feb 20, 2007

    1. Hello anybody knows me to say where I can see dolls BJD in the size 1/6 (+ / - 27 cm) without being the one of Volks? Thank you.
    2. http://www.limhwa.com/girls.htm
      There may be a few ToYou's left. The order form is still active for them, although there aren't any more being made. Contact Catrina at Dollfair to find out. I have her and she is wonderful--the prettiest body of any of the tinies.
    3. I haven't updated this for Pandora instead of Becy but here is a mockup comparison...

      Barbie * Limhwa ToYou * Roxy Becy * Souldoll Metel * Soom Uyoo

    4. Thank you very much. It was this that I was seeking, but I was not getting to find.
    5. Roxy Pandora is also real cute and comes in three faceup styles. Here is page 4 of Pandora discussion thread which includes photo comparison of the older Roxy Becy with new Roxy Pandora:

      BTW - ToYou fits best in 27cm Dollfie clothes, Takara Jenny clothes, and looser Momoko clothes (including items sold as being for Momoko+Blythe).

      I believe Soom Uyoo/Aren and Souldoll Metel fit in Barbie clothes (not sure about slacks) and some Jenny clothes and some other things (Tiny Kitty?).

    6. I am refurnishing my HUGE dollhouse with tiny 27cm volks dolls... for me... they are to play with so spending alot on them would make the price prohibitive and cause great concern with any children that may want to explore my dollhouse as an alternative because they won't be able to play with my big guy... plus barbie doesn't fit in with the goth theme I have going.
    7. Ill have some pictures posted soon of my dollhouse... with Bleeding Edge dolls... like Barbie size. I am going to start populating with little ball joint dolls. Anyway... does anyone know how long the "Who's that girl" dolls take to arrive from Volks?
    8. Those aren't on topic here...only Asian BJDs made of resin are on topic.

      I had a Garden of Dolls PpoPpo but she's more preteen-ish. I also have a Tinybear large Mina and had the Moona as well.
    9. Are there barbie sized BJD that are made of resin? Alot of the other 27cm dolls are not even slightly Barbie proportionate. What are the volks ones made out of if not resin? Funny too 'cuz BJD history comes from antique dolls crafted of laquered pressed paper.
    10. Did you see the new Limhwa dolls in the news thread? They are 27 cm I believe and just gorgeous!
    11. Most of those dolls fit Barbie clothing VERY well...it's the shoes that can be tricky.
    12. yes thanks I didn't see them, but I looked them up new limhwa's!!!!
      they are so pretty....
    13. They are beautiful... I am looking for dolls that have a more mature look though... and boys too! Does anyone know if there are sites other then volks to get something like that? Also the volks 27"... what are they made out of if not resin... is it more like a plastic, barbie doll type material?
    14. Yeah it's vinyl.

      I don't know what you mean by more mature...the Soom and Souldolls and Limhwa's are as mature as it gets.
    15. Maybe I am looking at the wrong site! I would love to know what I am supposed to be looking at... The face is really important to me.
    16. It can always be modded :)
    17. There are only a couple of mature 27cm boys. The Unoa Azurite is almost impossible to find, and there's also NDLC's Yohimbin. Planetdoll has WIP photos of a 28cm boy that look promising, but he's been in development for several months now.

      The Soom Mini Gem
      has proportions that are closest to Barbie by measurements; Barbie is 29.5cm tall and measures 13.5 - 8.5 - 12.5, and the Mini Gem is 30cm tall and 14 - 8 - 13.

      Minoruworld makes a 33cm girl that has an optional "Blossom" body that's more mature; Their faces are still really young, though.

      There's a similar discussion about 1/6th tinies over here : http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=182541

      I made a spreadsheet to help people out. : https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AqwsAjLO8JvcdDgzS2V4elNQUWVhczN6SmUya3lPTmc&hl=en
      The spreadsheet lists measurements for the ~27cm mature tinies, as well as information on several OT dolls (Barbie, Blythe, etc), to help with finding fit information. :)
      I left info for feet out; If I can find enough info, I will add it. :)