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27 cm doll clothes

May 5, 2006

    1. I'm not sure where this should go, but I have a question. I might get a 27cm doll.. do you know any sites that sell stuff for a 27cm doll?

      Also, does the head size matter... or are all the heads about the same size? (sorry, I don't know anything!)
    2. Clothing wise, you can just buy Barbie or Bratz clothing in your local toystore :)
    3. Most dolls around 27 cm tall, the mature dolls like Limhwa 'To You' and Souldoll 'Metel' wear size 4 wigs. These are the sorts that may well fit into BarbieTM clothing.

      Other dolls around 27 cm tall, the todler bodies like Volks Yo-SD and CP Cutie Delfs, wear size 6/7 wigs.

      Nothing is easy when starting out with these bjds, is it?

      Except falling in love with them, individually and as a group.

      Ann in CT
    4. Thanks! ... um what size eyes?
    5. I'm new to this too, but from what I've seen, the 27 cm models typically use 8mm eyes- not all of them though. My doll uses 6mm, for example, but I think his eyes are smaller than normal.
    6. My Yo-SD and Cutie Delf both stand around 26cm and use 14mm eyes.
    7. Re 27cm clothes - there are also clothes for 27cm and "dollfie plus" and clothes from azone that you can buy on Ebay and elsewhere.

      Re 27cm dolls - tiny resin BJDs come in every shape from chubby toddler to slim mature, and every size from about 10cm to 30cm. Some of them happen to be 27cm, such as Limhwa ToYou. But the rules of this forum do not allow discussion of these other types of dolls:

      - Barbies, Licca/Jenny, Blythe/Pullip, Volks and Obitsu 1/6th and any other 1/6th fashion doll (regardless of country of origin)
      - Figure Kits (regardless of having poseable parts, i.e. Volks Customize Kits)
      - Gashapon or other capsule-toy figurines
      - Fashion dolls, such as Sybarites and RnD Angels

      Here are the forum rules on doll types:


      If you are getting a 27cm doll that isn't allowed here, you may want to try these forums I have seen recommended in posts elsewhere:


    8. I'm getting a Dollfie... So it's allowed right??
    9. Sorry but Volks and Obitsu 1/6th (1/6 = 27cm) are specifically listed in the list of dolls that cannot be discussed here. That includes Volks Dollfie and Volks Dollfie Plus (and Volks EB Beauty, etc.) and Obitsu 27cm dollfies-type dolls.

      For several reasons they do not meet the criteria of the board owners for this board. They are not made of resin, they are not ball-jointed, and they are not strung, and are specifically listed as dolls not allowed to be discussed.

      The larger "dollfie" dolls made by Volks known as Mini Super Dollfie and Super Dollfie are strung resin ball-jointed dolls and are allowed. They are the earliest resin BJD's.

    10. oh. :( I'm not sure I want that doll then... If she's not made of resin. She looks like she's ball-jointed though..
    11. The 27cm dollfie dolls made by Volks and Obitsu are made of plastic or plastic and vinyl, and they have joints that are made from hard plastic small pieces that fit together and can bend at angles. They are nice poseable customizable dolls, but just can't be discussed on Den of Angels.

      If you decide to get a resin BJD... resin BJD's cost more than 27cm dollfies, but here is a list of some of the lower priced ones:

      Orientdoll - The tiniest is only $109!!!

      Dollmore (be sure to check out the Banjis)

      Souldoll - check out the Soulkids (Katie is my favorite after seeing the customized ones on DoA!, and check out 1/6 Metel and Little Kimmy

      Here you can see some other dolls like AGA Fairies, Roxy Yam and Becy, i-Elf, and Soom mini-gem

      I don't know where you can buy Serendipity Cumi but she may be priced like their AGA Fairies...

      And's there's the tiny Elfdolls - The Korean sister have preteen bodies but the others have quite mature bodies:

      And 1/6 Limhwa ToYou

      Most of these are tinies - from very tiny to 1/6. But the Soulkids are MSD's. I don't know what other resin BJD's are are in this price range.

      Also, you can sometimes get a good deal on a secondhand resin BJD in the Den of Angels marketplace topic, especially if the doll needs some work like restringing or a new faceup.

    12. :blush Thank you! You've been so helpful!!!
    13. Metel fits wonderfully in the newer Barbie clothes. (the Fashion somethingorother ones?)
    14. Fashion Fever :)
    15. You shouldnt... not buy a doll because it cant be discussed here. If you like her/him go for it. And plastic, Vinly has it's own merits to hehe.

      Also www.bobobie.com and www.resinsou.com has some adorable 27 or along that line :)