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27cm-ish tinies with solid (non-jointed) torsos

Oct 31, 2008

    1. Hey guys, I tried posting in the incoming doll section but didn't get much help. I'm looking for a Yo sized tiny with a solid torso. I know Custom House Petite Ai have them. Any other suggestions? Also can you guys tell me why you like or dislike the torso joint? I only have Volks Yo-SDs and I'm interested in looking at other companies.
    2. Leeke's tinies have a 1 piece torso and I know there used to be an option for a 1 piece torso body on Bambicrony (they no longer sell these but you might beable to get one secondhand). I think 2 piece torsos allow for more variety in posing, but then again I don't have any dolls with a 1 piece torso, I've only had limited experience with other people's 1 piece torso dolls and meetups and the like.
    3. Additional torso joints don't add much to posing, but they can change the attitude of a doll with those very slight adjustments. However when you get to tiny dolls, the torso joints get more difficult to sculpt and tend to "pop" more. As someone who started off with the old Volks bodies, I have a special fondness for unjointed torsos. The sculpted lines are beautiful, and show off well in any clothing, both asthetically as well as fit. (You don't have to worry about waistbands snapping up into the waist-joint, or shirts snagging on the chest-plate.) They also tend to feel more sturdy and solid than more-jointed bodies. I absolutely adore my Petite Ai body.

      There are Petite Ais, Classic Ais from CH, Leeke Ds, Lati Green are all unjointed.
    4. Latidoll greens have a non-jointed torso but they are 30 cm. they do fit yo-sd sized clothing. (the larger ones not the tight ones)
    5. Angel Fantasy tinies, which are about 25cm, also have a one-piece torso. However, they also have the strangest body sculpt of any doll I've ever encountered, so if you're picky about things like that, you should steer clear. :lol: