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28cm~30cm tinies, please!

Aug 18, 2008

    1. Other than Yo-SDs, of course. ^_^ Please name any company that makes tinies that are the same size (or similar) as Yo-SDs - anywhere around 28-30cm. I'm aware of Lati Green already, and Bambicrony. Thank you! :3
    2. Here's the ones I can find:

      Honey Delf from Luts (26cm)
      DOB from Dream of Doll (26cm)
      Ange Ai (27cm) and Petite Ai (30cm) from Customhouse
      Sweet by DIM (30cm)
      Babydolls by DollZone (26cm)
      Petite by Leekworld (26-28cm)
      D1-30 by Domuya (30cm)
      Sweet by Souldoll (25cm)
      Tinies by Unidoll (30cm)

      Bobobie has a 27cm doll that is proportioned differently, much slimmer.
    3. Isn't Narsha by Dollmore in that range? My new love, LOL... it never ends, I know... I keep reading that...
    4. There's also secretdoll's yoi (30cm) and domadoll's tinies with okja being the latest?
    5. And Rosenlied's Tuesday Child.
    6. Ohh, thank you guys! :3 I'll look all these up tomorrow - very helpful. ^_^
    7. Custom house petite ai and ange ai 27-30cmRosen lied Tuesdays child 27cmBeautiful kids at both these sites! I am new to these too, spent a long time looking round various sites for this size and chose 2 petite ais for my first kids, can\'t wait to get them!!!!!!!Good luck in your search.
    8. Also found that Asleep Eilodon has 2 adorable 27cm girls.
    9. Narsha is actually 35cm. ^_^
    10. Doll Factory Tiny Ari dolls are 26 cm but seem to be similar in proportion to yo's
    11. Luts used to sell the Cutie Delf Mary & Corry (sp), 26cm tall; you may still find them on the secondary market if you decide you really like either or both of them. :)

      The Mary sculpt smiles, but can look unsure depending on the angle.

      Corry(sp) (the doll is no longer even listed at Luts) is a little pouty.

      I own a Mary, and Cally is one of my most stably posing dolls--I've stood her on one foot by accident more than once.

      Ann in CT
    12. Dollzone do a range that's about the same size as the Yos.