2D Anime-Style Cuties

Mar 30, 2015

    1. [​IMG]

      My twins finally come home with face-ups.

      face up by keika.
    2. They are really cute!
    3. photos from 2DDOLL
      someone translated their photos? I didn't see at alice's collections. I try it.


      and I took the comparison photo.
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    4. I love the Alice Collections Nicole...I was saving up for someone else but she's so cute!
    5. They're so cute! I love the faceups, AmberRM! Those knee joints look a little odd though; do those offer more movement?
    6. @KillerTomatoes

      The 1/4 SY-body posed is so-so.
      The elbow joints are short, the hands couldn't touch face.
      The thigh joints are "I" not "L", so SY-doby couldn't make the knees close together when sat down. maybe joint part can be resolved.

      the head & chest are easy thrown back, I use "JOINT FIX PARTS" & "Hot Melt". But I love their curves.....:blush
    7. @AmberRM

      Oh, I see. Thanks for getting back to me on that; I'm really interested in how different brands of bjds are constructed! I didn't even know that they made "L" shaped thigh joints. Awesome!
    8. Jumping in here because I see, that dollhaven.dk has them too since a few days so no taxes or me. Has someone already got Nicole and could make some more pics of her?
    9. Hello everyone~
      Does anyone have the Brownie sculpt? I would love to see some spam of her!
    10. Nicole's really cute. My friend and I got her one year ago. We had twins too :)
      My Nicole, she's super sexy:love

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    11. I sold off my 2D dolls Maki and got a Chanchu! I'm sending her off for a face-up and I'll be able to post pictures soon! I love her happy face!
    12. I got my Colin repainted, so now he has more attitude. ^-^

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    13. Love his style, wow!
    14. FINALLY! I uploaded my pics to Flickr. So this is mu Chanchu! I love her happy face! I think 2D Dolls pose great! My girl stands really well and can do a lot of cute poses. I don't like that her huge neck slot! She is looking up almost all the time and it's visible. But I'm rally pleased and would love to get more!

      [​IMG]IMG_0001 by Che Gilson, on Flickr
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    15. She's so cute! I love her style :D
      I found adding a silicone disc to the neck joint helped stop this problem for me. :)
    16. Thanks for the tip! I have been thinking of sueding her neck. But over all, I'm super happy with her!
    17. The 1/6 Danta head looks huge - has anyone tried to hybrid one onto a taller body (male or female, any brand)? =)
    18. I have a Danta! :)
      The head is the same size as the 1/4 size 2D Dolls, but you would probably need to modify the neck opening to be larger in order to fit the head on a larger body, as the neck is the same size as most 1/6 or Yo-SD size dolls.
    19. @Chehime Would love to see more of your girl! She's so cute and colorful <3
    20. Thanks Doll-Mage =D In that case I think i'd better add Danta to my wishlist. ^^