2D Anime-Style Cuties

Mar 30, 2015

    1. You're welcome! :D
      I took a lot of photos of my blank Danta, if you need additional reference photos.
    2. He looks AMAZING! :D :love <3
    3. I just got my Nicole today! She's so cute! :D

      I took a lot of blank photos of her sculpt and a couple body comparisons for reference. Over here on Tumblr. :)
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    4. I really like narrow irises with Colin's eye shape. I had trouble finding 16mm anime eyes with an oval iris I liked, so I made a custom design for him. >.>

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    5. Those eyes are really cool! How did you make them?
    6. @Chehime Thanks! I used acrylic DIY bases, made my own iris design in Photoshop, and printed the design on pearlescent paper. :)
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    7. colin is cute
    8. I have fallen in love with Megumi! I just wish I could buy her as is shown on Alice's Collection! Anyone know where I can buy her outfit and wig she's pictured with?? :...(
    9. Me too! Thanks a lot! :XD: I will see if I can find her in full set!
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    10. COME TO THE US so we can have twin dollies, thanks