New Doll [2D Doll] New Limited Doll - Leth, 25% off + Gift

Aug 10, 2019

    1. Hi dear,

      2D Doll released a new limited 68cm doll - Leth, the doll is limited 50 sets.
      New Doll Promotion: 25% discount + a pair of special ears as gift
      Period: 2019.08.08 - 2019.09.25

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    2. I see there's an option to buy a wig with this doll. Is the wig the brown one? (He also wears a silver one in some promo pictures.) Is it possible to buy the brown wig separately?
    3. I'm also interested in knowing if the wig can be bought separately!
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    4. The wig option is for the silver-white one :)

      Sorry the wig can't be purchased separately, it's only available with the doll..
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    5. So the brown wig is included with the doll? Sorry, I'm a little confused :sweat
    6. Sorry for the confusion, the brown wig is not included, it's not available for order..