2D Dolls, Anime cuty dolls

Apr 10, 2014

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    2. they have cute faces....im curious to see if there's any owner custom their 2D with glass eyes not anime eyes :D
    3. These guys are seriously adorable! I feel like they would make a great little companion for a Dollfie Dream girl :sweat
    4. I love the bodies, but I'm not sure on the faces personally.
    5. Love the shape of the little bodies!
      Is there any photos of the different resin colors around?
    6. [​IMG]
      similar as dika^^
    7. catas, thank you so much! That's wonderful to hear, since the white skin color will be a nice match.

      Has anyone ordered from this company yet? I'd like to try and get the 1/6 body soon for a hybrid.
    8. Wow, it's just as cute as the promo pics! How is the poseability?
    9. It's nice for me, I have only two little problems with this body, I tried my DZ Krumi head on it and the neck joint is a little big and slippery for this head, and Krumi stole it... it's an almost perfect match for last year DZ/DC normal pink...
    10. Ah ok, not so bad. :D I thought about getting one for my aileendoll Cyclops, since I'm not crazy about their body posing.
      How was the wait time on your order?
      (Sorry for so many questions! Not much info out there on this company right now)
    11. Ah, not too bad then! :D
      Gosh, such an adorable body. I think you might have sold me on this one. haha
    12. Good news everybody! The 2D event will be available on Alice's Collections! The event is AWESOME!! And just in time! Because 2D has new molds of 1/6 dolls released!!

      "Thank you for your patience.
      The 2D Doll event will also be available on ACBJD

      Ordering a 1/3 or 1/4 size 2D doll, can choose a 1/6 size 2d Doll as gift, the event will start on July.1st, but you can place the order now if you'd like ^^

      Please feel free to contact us for any question."

      I'm REALLY going to try to enter this event because I fell in love with Maki!!!
    13. So glad to find a thread for these little cuties. Does anyone know if 2D offer international sales directly? I'm interested in Danta and by current exchange rate to buy him full-set with face-up via 2D directly it would work out to be only $340 Australian, a big difference to the $473 USD / $629 Australian he would work out to be via Alice's Collections.
    14. You can email them and ask. I'm not sure how many people have had luck buying direct though.
    15. Trying to revive this thread for measurements! I noticed that Legend Doll has a different set of measurements for the 28cm dolls than Alice's Collections does! The Legend Doll measurements are these:

      Head Circumference:15.6cm
      Neck girth :5.5cm
      Should circumference:5.5cm
      Chest measurement:11cm
      Hip line:14.5cm
      Thigh circumference:7.5cm
      Arm length :6.5cm
      Leg length:11.5cm
      Foot length:3.2cm

      The feet are so small!!! What shoes would fit them?? And I'm guessing a 5/6 wig not a 6/6.5?? They look too small for YoSD size clothes, so what fits them?? Does anyone know??
    16. I have Danta. :) The 2D Doll body is a little bigger than Honey Delf; so far I've been able to dress this one in Yo-SD clothing, as long as it's a dress or shirt with loose shorts. The Yo-SD shoes I have fit fine, too. This head is closer in size to a 1/4 head, and it fits 7" wigs.
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    17. Thanks for the comparison pics! That is certainly smaller than I thought they were. I thought they were YoSD size but the measurements on Alice's Collections are all wrong. At least for some of them. I wonder if there is a difference in size between Danta and the other dolls in the line. Guess I'll have to buy one to find out for sure! LOL!
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    18. Do you mean Volks Yo-SD specifically? Here's a pic... they're about the same size: