2D Dolls

Apr 2, 2014

    1. anyone seen any dolls by this new company yet? http://www.acbjd.com/2d-doll-c-394.html I am guessing they're vinyl but not sure? An internet search turns up nothing in the way of a website for them, probably due to being such an awkward name to search on!
    3. I believe they are resin not vinyl.
    4. I just saw them yesterday and I think they look super cool :) Just wish they had mini size as well. But there is something about these dolls that I think is different from other anime dolls I've seen. I feel kinda drawn to that :)

      I've been thinking about trying out the anime styled dolls for SO long, but never found the time to order one. Other dolls always got in the way :sweat

      But I think Alice look real cool and if I find out I wanna give these dolls a try, then I think she could be a good start. I think Xiao Jiu is adorable to. They sure are tempting!
    5. Oooh more anime dollies <3
    6. 2D Dolls are made in resin i've asked directly to Alice Collections :)
      Like some of the girls in 60cm size, but right now the face sculpts are not my cup of tea :sweat
    7. Long Yue is lovely I think - her face is erm....Long! so she looks a bit different to the normal anime style girl - I think the body is a cute shape too - not such a long torso as other brands - very curvy! I like Meng Meng too - I can actually hear her tinkley little laugh - she's very sweet looking. I love their hands - and I wish the clothes were sold separately too, so you could choose which outfit you wanted!
    8. I discovered them today as well, through Winddolls as they are also a dealer for 2D Doll now. They look really interesting and cute~ I've also wanted a doll with anime-aesthetics for a long time now and am considering getting a Dollfie Dream. After finding these dolls I'm now debating if I should get one instead. :'D
      I really like Alice and their bodies look very pretty.

      Too bad I can't find any owner pics of these dolls...
    9. I would not mind owning a few of these. But I have a lot of plans already as it is. It's hard to resist these faces though when you finally found a type of anime dolls that you like :sweat

      Alice is really cool looking and her outfit to. I kinda wish I had not seen her right now..

      I think I'm just gonna have to forget sbout these dolls for a while and just enjoy the owner pictures instead.
    10. The body looks very very similar to a resin Dollfie a Dream Dynamite.
    11. Hm, it would be cool to see a comparison between the 2D and DDdy body.
    12. Have you guys found any owner pics of these dolls? If you have, please link to them, I'd love to see some~ :3
    13. I have not seen any owner pictures yet. But isn't this still a very new company?

      Um, anyone who knows if there is anywhere to see the resin colors? I really want to get Alice oneday but have no Idea which skin color to choose.
    14. Same here, I love the bodies but none of the heads are to my liking. :( I really wish this company had a website with a small picture comparing their 4 resin options or least had one for Wind Dolls and Alice Collection's to put up.

      I'm also really curious about resin matches for other companies :)
    15. I'm pretty tempted. I like Qian Ye's squarish jaw and pointy chin. The bodies look like DDdy bodies to me. I wish there were more posing pics so I can see what the knee & elbow joints look like.

      The price is a little off putting, especially since I have no idea what the quality is. And I'd like to see what their resin colors look like. I dunno, maybe I'll take a chance on a new company.
    16. I saw these dolls on Alice's Collection yesterday, they are super cute. I wonder if the eyes will be sold separately?
      I think the heads are nice, some have very sweet expressions.
    17. Yeah that's what my first thought was as well, about the resin colors.
      Hopefully they'll put up resin color pics. I'll send AC an email asking about it. *^___^*
    18. Personally, I really like Xiao Ai and plan on buying her someday ^-^~
    19. OMG!! I love them all!! and i really like the Fairyland style split thigh and knee joints! Gotta start saving up for Meng Meng!! *starts watering money tree*