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2nd order for Kill_u

Jun 1, 2005

    1. Although I don't know Blood take an international order or not,
      2nd order for Kill_u will start on June 4th PM10:00(Korean time).

      Because I received some request for Kill_u before,
      here could be one who want to know this news.

      Blood's Homepage :
    2. Hello visavis^^

      Thank you for posting this! Is the order for Kill_u only? Can Kian and Kayan be ordered too?

      Thanks for your reply :grin:
    3. Probably not, I'm pretty sure she said that Kian and Kayan are both discontinued.
    4. It says on the english order board that the overseas sale for kill_u will be in july. ^^
    5. She also posted photos of the new Kill_U head.
      I personally was a little disappointed. :cry:
    6. Isn't he the same as the old Kill_U with just a different face-up?
    7. Looks like a completely new head to me.. different eyes, ears, mouth, chin, nose... especially eyes and ears

      new kill-u
      old kill-u

    8. Yes, it looks like a "dreaming" sort of head to me. I too was hoping very much for the same kill_u.... with more open eyes. She has side-to-side reference pictures up in the "talk" section of her site, it's the top post.

      You can see in the comparision photo how they are different. ;_;

      I wanted open-eyed Kill_u so much~ T_T

      Oh well, this version is very pretty. But I'm not in love. *sigh*
    9. Oh, I see the difference in the eyes. They are both gorgeous though, hopefully I'll have the moolah by July.
    10. Oh, sh*t. I really hope this isn't true because I *just* found out about them, and I've been looking for ones with severely asian-styled eyes like this for a while.
      Is there any way we could find out for sure? I know she said the order was closed, but I hope not forever.
    11. Well, ummm.....

      Those were taken directly from her site....sorry mate. I might be able to get another head from her, I'll PM you the details.
    12. Guh, that is so crushing.....
      I've replied to your PM... I hope I can get lucky. I really thank you for your help.
    13. I definitely feel for you, Seraphym. ;O; I desperately wanted to get Kayan the next preorder around, but when this one ended, she said she was discontinuing him as well as Kayan. Kian we all knew was going to be discontinued from the start, but Kayan was VERY sudden. I'm crushed as well. Woe!
    14. The only thing that looks different to me are the eyes, but he doesn't look that bad. hey, I ain't complaining as long as I get my Kill_U. XD

      Whoo! *gets excited*
    15. Couldn't you always just widen the eyes if you don't like them?

      Well, I really wanted to get another mini first but if Kill_u orders start in July then that might change...
    16. wow........that boy is beautiful! how tall is he? ....sorry for the noob question, but i am finding it hard to find these answers on the site...
    17. K-Doll only sell heads. ^_^
    18. He's only a head, so it depends what body you use.
    19. thanks ladies! so could you use it on a MSD sized body? i think he would he is my ideal boy.... :D
    20. Kill_U fits bodies that are about SD13 sized, I think