3 DOC Boy Bodies?

Nov 17, 2007

    1. Hi all-

      I'm positive there was a thread like this around but for the life of me I can't find it on Search, so please forgive my stupidity :doh

      Can someone please be a dear and help me figure out if the DOC Boy Body 2, the one with the double joints, is long legged? I really hope it isn't, but as I can't find any written measurements, I can't be sure. Also, are the other measurements the same as the old body?

      I thought I'd be fine with the old body, but I'm finding it more and more frustrating how limited my boys' posing ability is. However, I adore his chunky DOC build, and I don't want to get him a slimmer or a taller body if I can help it. Just one with double joints.

    2. You can see all of the bodies on the site: http://www.dreamofdoll.com/

      Pick English to get it. Select Doc then select Parts.

      New Body 2 is definitely double jointed.
      The Long leg body is also listed - take a look.
      On the following page the out of stock old boy body is listed.

      The long leg body does not look double-jointed to me.

    3. Right, I look on the sight and I can see the different pictures, I don't see any written measurements however ( and for some odd reason the long legged picture isn't even showing up on my computer >.>). Perhaps I am looking in the wrong spots?
    4. DOD is really bad about listing measurements.

      Here is a thread but I think all you get out of it is that the long-legged and Guardian boys are 45cm tall vs 43cm tall for the normal body.

      Here - this may help although it is in inches for the boy. It does list the leg difference and height for the long-legged boy at the end of the boy's measurements:

      And in case you don't know, you cannot search for DOC or DOD on DoA without adding * to the end (like DOC*).

    5. Ah thanks Carolyn.S, I'm really hoping the double jointed body is only 43cm too, but I can't be sure >.>

      Oh! And thanks for pointing out the Search tip too, I didn't know that xP
    6. The only boy's body that looks double jointed to me is the New Body 2.

      The measurements I linked above should be for the ones the DOD site calls Boy Body (out of stock) and Long legged boy body. (though in the photos in DOC parts it looks to me like the long-legged might have a broader chest - hard to tell).