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~<3 Feed back for Aravynandrea <3~

Mar 11, 2009

    1. I've been buying a lot of stuff lately... and since I'm probably buying more, I'm going to be buying more, and possibly if I ever learn to sew properly, I may sell stuff... so I thought I'd better open a feedback thread.

      so there ya's go!

      Luv ya!

    2. Aravynandrea bought a SD size sword set from me. Great communication, super fast payment, she's absolutely wonderful to work with. Thank you so much for a pleasant transaction! <3
    3. Thanks LupusDarkmoon... ^_^

      and sorry everyone for the REALLY badly written topic. lol. I was barely awake when I wrote it heheh.

      what it SHOULD have said... "I'm going to be buying more, and possibly selling one day if I learn how to properly make stuff... so I thought it would be wise to open a feedback thread." What I originally said made no sense and there's no edit button. heheh.
    4. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    5. Aravynandrea bought 3 rings from me. She paid me quickly, and even paid for my pp fees! So generous! She is welcome back any time!:aheartbea
    6. Aravynandrea commissioned 2 bracelets from me: she paid instantly & answered PMs very quickly. A wonderful person to deal - thank you ^__^
    7. Andrea commissioned two outfits from me. She was very clear about what she wanted and sent pics for my reference, which made it much easier for me as a seamstress.

      She paid promptly and was quick to answer any questions I had.

      She was a pleasure to work with!

      Thank you again. Come back any time!

      Dee/Midnight at the Oasis
    8. I bought a head from Aravynandrea. This transaction was very pleasant with great communication and fast delivery.