<3 Lake Asai (The Lunar Lake) - 1/4 and BB Nya Discussion <3

Feb 26, 2017

    1. Thus far, this Chinese artist seems to have two sculpts that she sells regularly - her Nya in 1/4 size and in BB size.


      For more information, visit the sculptor's storefront:

      首页-LAKE 人形工作室-淘宝网
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    2. I can say, from my own personal experience, that Nya is VERY cute :) I actually ordered the 1/4 version of Nya last December, and she has just returned home from the spa. :)

      So, I suppose she's one of our first Nya's here, on DoA?

      Please meet Sylvie. :) She hopes that others out there will support The Lunar Lake as well!

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    3. Your girl is very cute, @wherethelilacsbloom! <3 I will def' have to keep an eye on this studio's future releases---I really like their Hare sculpt.
    4. Waaaa, thanks, Mint! <3 I'm so very happy with Sylvie. :) I'd love to see more like her popping up on DoA.

      The Hare sculpt is indeed very interesting and unique! :o I wonder if she will offer a sales period for that one any time soon? It's a shame I don't know any Chinese.. otherwise I'd want to ask for you. :3