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3 New 70 cm Dolls from Dollzone

Jul 17, 2008

    1. Does Yue have closed eyes? Or are they very slightly open?
    2. Oh my! They are lovely!

      Will the clothes be avalable for seprate purchase?
    3. Please remember that the News subforum is chat-free, and that chat posts will be deleted. Please begin a discussion thread in Larger Dolls if you would like to discuss these new releases.
    4. I guess everybody gets excited when new dolls are released, but as armeleia just said, we shouldn't chat in the News section, maybe people can come and comment about them here:

      (Dollzone Discussion - 60cm and 70cm)

      unless someone really wants to start a new thread about new 70 cms dolls? ^^;;
    5. Also - they qualify for the Featherfall Free Shipping event, if you're in the US/ Canada.


      I believe its closed eyes - should be easier to see on the other photos. I'll double check with their rep.


      The clothes ARE available for purchase separately, we're in the process of uploading them to our site ( they may already be up on the main DZ page though)

      There are more photos on each of their listings. ;)
    6. Are the heads going to be available for separate purchase? I checked the dz site but didnt see em in parts section.
    7. Does Hong have "dreaming" eyes or does he also have closed eyes?
    8. Dreaming. You can see the eyeballs in the picture.

      Are these all just three versions of the same head- aka the same mouth and nose and all, just three types of eyes.
    9. Does the free shipping event apply to nude and fullset dolls or just fullset dolls?

    10. Nude dolls/ fullset -- at the moment, until Sept. 1st, to any one order totalling $150 or more before taxes ( in the US/Canada)
    11. So excited!!! XD They're going to be sticking around for awhile right? I'd love to get my hands on a Chen & Hong >< >< ><
    12. They're not limited, as far as we know, so you should be able to get your hands on them .
    13. Featherfall, do you know how long it will be before you have photos of the new DZ boy body? Im really anxious to see what changes have been made!
    14. Will the old body still be available, or will only the new body be an option from now on?
    15. Worth noting - apparently these new bodies are not just double jointed, they make the dolls about 72 cm tall.

      Here you go Rabbit moon:




      We've listed them under the PARTS section for Dollzone.

      Kiya, as for the old bodies, I'll double check with DZ, not sure!
    16. Will the 3 new boys have this new body by default? I ordered a Chen and didn't realize he would possibly have a new style body. I like it, though.
    17. could we see a comparison of the new 70cm boy heads next to wing for example? for the sake of size difference?
    18. Thank-you Uneide for showing us the new body.

      I am to assume that the Chen Fullset will include the new boy body, correct?

      I am glad I held off on buying it. I had thought the full set included the older, more muscular firgure so this gaunt form would have been a great disappointment for myself personally. Others will doubtless love it.

      What type is the nude body available in (head/body)? I am confused between your site and Dollzones. Is the Chen head (faceup optional) available with the old body as a nude item, or is there a choice of one or the other, or is it just the new body?

    19. I think you have the option of choosing whether you want the old body vs. the new one. This is from the Dollzone site:

      DZ1/3 72cm new body put on sell in the 16th Aug 2008

      this new body fit all 1/3 dolls head

      DZ "hong yue chen " these three dolls normal use(B72-001 ).

      DZ "ying yuu cloud wing " these four dolls normal use(B70-001).

      if you want to use new body join old head or old body join new head ,please let us or our dealer know !

      dollzone sales

      16th Aug 2008

      I hope this helps you.