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3 new guys from Bishonenhouse

Feb 20, 2008

    1. Hi Everyone,

      Ive been very busy working to get the sculpts on these guys finished in time for IDEX ( I did thankfully, whew!!) I am happy to finally give everyone a sneak peek at the 3 new men who are soon to be available from Bishonenhouse




      Ian will be an unlimited release for the moment, I haven't yet put a final number I plan on releasing. Even thought he is "unlimited" I will still probably only make 10-15 of him a year.

      When he is released there will be several optional expressions available for him.

      (Ian's name may eventually change, but for now hes Ian)




      Nori will be a limited edition of 30, I will only be releasing 10-15 of him a year. He comes in a custom tan skintone and when he is released there will be additional expressions faceplates available for him.




      Tyler Is a remake of my Gothic Tyler doll who was the first doll i made. The original Tyler was reproduced for two other collectors while i was still making and selling my original bodies so there are only 3 of of the original Tylers in the world (including mine), The new Tyler 2.0 will be released as a super limited of only 5, yes that's right 5.

      Sooooo if your still kicking yourself or still sending a certain dollmaker angst filled emails because you missed out on the last Tyler heres your chance to finally have him. (you know who you are) nudge, nudge, wink, wink ;-)

      He will come with his complete costume (plus an additional shirt) boots,hair, eyes, jewelry, everything,.. he will come fully finished as he is seen and with an additional sleeping faceplate. Like all of my limited edition dolls the inside of his head will be signed and numbered.

      All of these new dolls will come with my new highly poseable 2.0 body with the swappable magnetic faceplate system.

      The Dolls are approx 28inches/70cm tall,

      they can wear some mecha angel and SD17 shoes, an optional replaceable sock foot sculpt comes with all of my dolls so they can also wear smaller SD13 boys shoes

      although the larger shoes are more in proportion.

      their eyes are 10/11mm

      More Information will be posted on my website in mid March as to Pricing and Release dates.

      If anyone has any questions please feel free to post them here and i will do my best to answer them or you can send me an email

      take care everyone,
    2. These guys have their discussion thread here!
    3. I have been getting a few repeat questions In IMs and In emails, I'll do my best to answer them here. :^)

      Ive been getting lots of questions about prices...

      The New Dolls prices (seam removal is included on all of my dolls )

      Ian (with eyes, default faceup, and full blushing and coating) $875
      Ian (with no faceup, or blushing) $775

      Nori (with eyes, default faceup, and full blushing and coating) $900
      Nori (with no faceup, or blushing) $800

      Tyler (he comes as he is seen, with everything and an additional sleeping face) he will be around $1400 (im still working out the final cost of his costume (and what will come with his costume) with my costumer)

      I have also gotten a few emails and one PM about seeing what the dolls bodies look like unclothed.

      here's an unclothed body photo (note the face shown in the pic is a OOAK commission i did for someone and is not available) the tattoo was also part of the custom order and is not included on any of the new releases.


      all of the bodies on the new dolls are the same body (aside from skintone and blushing)

      If anyone has any questions about these guys please feel free to post them here in the news thread or send them to me through my website (here) or by PM

      Any comments can be posted in the discussion thread (here)

      take care and thanks,