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3 New Limited Little Juniors at Customhouse!!! 22/Jun

Jun 21, 2005

    1. Sorry if its been posted!!! I never get to see the new dolls when they are still 'new', if u
      know what I mean... or else I would have gotten my hands on the punkpunk tan-skin unique uranus!

      I was just sooo excited I just HAD to share!

      Limited Little Junior-Dione (Ver.Uyuchagongbang) - got myself one of this Dione, reminds
      me of LE Soye... which I unfortunately missed out on but got myself a Cyndy II :grin:

      Limited Little Junior- Dione (Ver. Rin.Rena)

      Limited Little Junior-Dione (Ver. Rolling Pumpkin)
    2. Ohmigosh.... why couldn't I have all the money in the world? ;_; I'm in loooove with Dione.. but I spent all my cash on a Soah... and getting things ready for her.. ;_; Ah well..
    3. I want the rin.rena outfit for emiri. XO *throws tantrum ;_;*
    4. I love Uyuchagongbang's faceup! How sweet! =^__^=
    5. Oh, what a sweetie...I'm not sure which version I like best! She had a sort of wistful look that reminds me of a young Madoka...
    6. :cry: I would get one right now, but I have my priorities, so I must miss these as well.
    7. I got one also--the Uyuchagongbang version! I have been watching the site for weeks waiting for them to go on sale. Wish I could have all 3--they are so cute!

      Amy :grin:
    8. Thanks for posting Toety

      Damn I just ordered Ver.Uyuchagongbang too!!

      As soon as I saw her elfish face and that she is a small size I had to buy her.
      This is the first time I have seen her unlike some waiting for her to go on sale.

      I am making myself feel less crazy by thinking I can sell her if the bonding is not there in person.

      I think this one wins the prize for the most impulsive buy for me!

      There was no contest compared to the others however for me as her face is so soft and magical. I think her outfit is the cutest of the three too. :daisy

      I wish they had NUDE shots of her body however. Are these the first girls?
      ** I got FREE shipping? wow now thats a first and I got to use a 20.00 credit I had so the total came to 490.00

      They look very slim. I hear they are smaller than msd's and height? I hope they can share unoa clothing and SDC.
    9. Well! If you don't bond with her, keep in touch with me. ;D
    10. *** UM !! confused - I just noticed on this link, they are all refered to as Dione !!
      So are they all the same doll and just different artist painted them? they all look quite different from each other especially the blue dress one.

      I guess we all like the same artist rendition. I am really blown away that they are all the same doll! even after years of collecting ball jointed dolls.

      Well I pray that Ver.Uyuchagongbang actually looks like the picture or she really may be up for adoption as I don't like the other two dolls LOL. :oops:


    11. XD It would be so cuuuuuute on him! Maybe someone will decide they dont like it and sell it on >>;
    12. Can I join this thread? I got Dione Ver.Uyuchagongbang, too. I wonder how many were made. Anyone know?
      Funny that Toety thought she looks like Soye because I love Soye, too. :)
      I didn't get her for that reason, though. She looks somewhat like the character I've been obsessed with since forever. The only thing is... is that maybe five models of bjd look like my character. But anyway, I had to get this version of Dione. We'll see if she looks like her in person. Who knows.

    13. I got one of ver. Uyuchagongbang, too :D . Kind of a splurge, I guess. I'm also beginning to wonder how many there are... the CustomHouse web site says she's still in stock...?
    14. She's such a beautiful sculpt. Sorta... pensive? Is that the word I'm looking for? A good pensive though. It's a pretty dramatic look between the different face-ups. Very versitile. I like Rin.Rena's version best I think.
    15. Is it just me, or has CustomHouse posted new pictures of ver. Uyuchangongbang? I could just be imagining it :?
    16. Limited Little Junior- Dione (Ver. Rin.Rena), Limited Little Junior-Dione (Ver.Uyuchagongbang), and Limited Little Junior-Dione (Ver. Rolling Pumpkin) have the same head mold called Little Jr. Dione. Three ver. painted by different Custom House artist. It's amazing how makeup can change the doll's look. =)
    17. my gosh!! I was just checking the status of my order and since the diones' are on the 1st page.. .its quite hard to miss... and I noticed a big (IMO) change to Uyuchagongbang's version.. which is the version I ordered!!!


      I really prefer the previous subtle lacey hand band... or should I say, the previous bonnet style.

      This one makes her look like a infant.
    18. I hope Dione has a general release *prays* *.*
    19. everyday i log on to see the doll and I get sooo disturbed by the hat. Its my absolute most hated style for any head accessory... so I emailed them to ask if my order can be cancelled... I just can't take it. And I am person who is greatly affected by the fashion any doll I buy is coming with...

      hmmm... which may explain why I rarely buy nudies~

    20. Thats sad that the bonnet put you off her so much. Can't you tell them you bought her and wanted the original one they showed? maybe they can give you that.

      I canceled my order the same day I placed it within a few hours of my order. Because I realized they were all the same doll! I thought they were different molds. And as I don't like the head mold on the other two I felt that is not a good sign. For me its the basic doll the head mold and the body thats important, I can ignor the clothing. I was disappointed they didn't show a nude of the girl though as body sculpt is very important to me.

      They may have shipped your though as its been a while now?

      That bonnet really is pretty ugly.

      I am so glad I cancelled the doll. I saw a nude shot in the for sale area and the head looks too large for the body I think. Also she did not look like the promo shot to me, I didn't even recognized the doll. I guess its good to trust your instinct even if it does appear to be second guessing yourself.

      Of course I hope that thoes of you that did order are happy with your doll and if not find great homes for them.