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Apr 24, 2009

    1. These 1/3 boys are brand new and each of them is limited to a production of only 50 and 100 pieces.
      Please visit them at: http://blueblooddoll.com/:sweat
      Price: USD$390 (full set doll)




    2. I see in the shopping cart area you have small pictures of the blank heads. May I ask if you have larger pics of the blank heads we can see please? :daisy

      Also, do you charge sales tax, or is it already factored into the price?
    3. Hi Dolly, I will update some pics of the head without face up later. The price includes all the charges. Thank you for your interest!
    4. Hi! Your dolls look absolutely beautiful. It looks like I joined DoA just at the right time!

      I would like to ask - I am dedicated to getting a Crobidoll Yeon-Ho head, as it's my dream sculpt; I would like to know if it, in normal skin, would match your normal skin dolls?
    5. Your dolls are wonderful!
      Will you sell heads and bodies separately?
    6. Do you have any photographs comparing your normal and white resin colors with those from other companies? (I'm also interested in a body by itself, for a head I have.)
    7. Gorgeous :o

      What kind of resin are these lovelies made of? Urethane? French?
    8. Your dolls are beautiful! Are there full profile shots anywhere? I'm particular about my noses!
    9. I'd be in the same situation. We could always organize splits... :sweat Assuming, of course, that the resins match. *eagerly anticipates comparison photos*
    10. yay! New dolls! Alas, meager spare money right now. One thing, your site was a little confusing at first because you have "full set doll" under the set list and then say that wig and outfit aren't included. Every other site I've been to lists "full set" as being doll, clothes, wig, shoes, etc. By "full set," do you mean complete doll as opposed to head or body seperately?
    11. I think they do mean "fullset" as "complete doll" because before, Blue Blood only made heads.
    12. First of all big thank you to Miss Pygmalion to clarified the term "full set". and yes I do mean it is a complete doll. And I had changed the term "full set" to "complete doll" in my website.

      For the moment, I don't plan to sell only the head or the body because I have manufactured complete set for all my 3 boys in small quantity each time so it's difficult for me just to sell the head or the body.

      I don't have any Crobidoll for comparison but I took some pictures of natural skin color of Elfdoll and Volks from my own bjd collection and compared them with Blue Blood Doll and I will post that later on.

      The resin are from Canada, it resemble French resin in comparison and the quality is very good. But they are not Polyurethane.

      Thank you for your interest!

    13. Wait, if the resin isn't polyurethane, what kind of resin is it? :?