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30-35 cm tinys?

Oct 16, 2009

    1. hi^^
      I just wanted to know if there are some tinys in that size?
      cuz, 20 is just too small...and 43 too large...
      thank you^^
    2. oh, thank you!!^^

      edit: oh my, they're so sweet!! x3
    3. Narsha by Dollmore is lovely and she is about 34cm. You can find more information about her on this thread here:


      And here is the link to her and her friends at Dollmore:


      Alternatively there are the MinoruWorld Juniors who I believe are about that size, they are very cute. Here are some links for them:


      And here's where you can buy them:


      Hope this helps!

    4. They are, grown-up coco is my favorite! There is a lati green thread here on DoA, you have to check it out! They are so cute^^
    5. They're considered Mini size now but Custom House's Little Juniors are 35 (38 for the boys) tall.
    6. I would recommend the MinrouWorld Juniors - they are adorable and even more so in real life :D . Their bodies are also much slimmer and lankier than others in that size, which I think is a plus. Worth checking it out ;) I love mine!
    7. Shinydoll Pricco are 30cm.
    8. Here's my Custom House Little Junior, Petite Ai and Ange Ai. There's a reason that my Ange Ai is the only one sitting though. The other two doesn't sit very well at all. Ange Ai is only 25cm but she's MUCH more posable.


      There's one problem with Custom House though - I ordered my Petite Ai and Little Junior in December and got them in the end beginning of July!

      If you're willing to go down a tiny bit in size I would recomend LittleFees. They are only 25cm but they have amazing posability and it's quite easy to find clothes that fits them.

      Here's a picture of Ange Ai - who's 25cm the same size as LittleFee - standing next to Petite Ai who's 30cm.


      And here's my Little Junior boy next to a Narae (standing) and a DollZone (sitting) who are both 43cm.


      Hope that helps.

    9. thank you guys^^
      mh...maybe I'm getting a latidoll...
    10. I just took the plunge and put a Doll Family Miyo on layaway. She has a child's body and is 33 cm. I hope she'll be easier to sew for than regular 1/6 Barbie-sized dolls!!
    11. OK, I pulled my Doll Family Miyo out of layaway and she arrived yesterday. She's absolutely adorable, at 33 cm tall, she has a chubby, chunky toddler body. She looks like she's not quite out of diapers, and I think of her as being "not quite 2". She's more baby-like than any BJD I've seen so far (except for those babies DZ is offering as a holiday special.)

      I've made her one outfit so far using a scaled down 43cm doll pattern. She's going to be a delight to sew for, and maybe knit a sweater or two. I'd love to create a whole nursery diorama for her but unfortunately lack the room...:(
    12. I can think of another doll in this size range- the new Chibi Unoas.... I think the preorder period is over for them though, which means inflated prices on the secondary market. : /
    13. unidoll tinies are 30 cm.... I have a momo and I LOVE her...
    14. I really love my Petite ai from Custom House, Hope :) Here she is with a smaller Ange Ai:

    15. There's a terrific spreadsheet in a sticky thread at the top of the Tinies subforum that lists almost every tiny out there, including the heights.