30cm boy dolls

Dec 28, 2006

    1. I am looking for a boy doll to start saving towards. I want him to be around 30cm in height but not essential and around 7 -10 years old. At the moment I am drawn to both Bambicrony Vin and Lati Green Ronnie. Does anyone have experiences with either of these two dolls and can give me positives and negatives about each. I would love to have a doll that I can buy things for easily wigs clothes shoes etc. If you think I should consider another doll/company I would also love to read your comments and see photos of your children. I have no opportunity in Australia to touch or see anyone before I buy them so have to go off images provided by the companies or all the wonderful pictures on here. Thank you .
    2. I love little boys

      the dolls you have selected are both lovely ,I have a BC and a LG
      and I love them
      the only drawback for me ...and its my hang up
      they dont have boys body (I dont think the BC has a boy body ...there isnt one in the parts section )
      I like my little boys to be boys ..so if its not anatomically correct ...its a girl
      I know Im not alone in my preference LOL

      Leeke are that size and have a boy body
      and Domoya Bobo
      and there is the new N-doll which says he has a boy body ...although I havent seen one yet
    3. Lol ... I have to say that never really occurred to me! However, it was in the front of my mind as I looked through many many sites tonight. I still pull back to the Bambicrony face, he just tugs my heart and I guess that will make up for what he lacks in the pants department! Plenty of time to keep looking
    4. The Serendipity lovely Freyr is available as a boy or a girl (no, really, tinybear ;)) and is just 30 cm tall. Serendipity also has a taller Freyr, c.43cm, but I'm not talking about him. :)

      He does look 7-10 or so.

      Great posing, too. He can sit up straight even though he has a one-piece torso, thanks to an additional joint in his upper thigh.

      He fits very well into commercial Barbie-TM Ken clothes, except they can be 1-2 cm too long through the torso.

      And Freyr is cute. :D
      However, if you are looking for a smiling face, this is not the doll for you. He's not actively frowning, but is somewhat pouty.

      Ann in CT
    5. A Pouty boy ...love those even more LOL
      I hadnt thought of Serendipity
    6. The Serendipity dolls are on the slender side, so to me they look more like "children" than "baby/toddlers", which I like. The only reason I don't have the girl in that scale is because I have Cumi, and it's pretty much the same face on all of them. They're wonderful dolls, though.

      Carrie, the other two N-dolls are Narae-size, is the boy going to be 30cm? Cuz, that would suck, honestly...there's no decent boy in that size range right now.
    7. Boy ?
      I missed something !

      I heard talk of a boy but havent heard if one is released yet

      I would love a tiyn by them ...or Narin themselves ....I would die!

      there is a Narsha ...but he is a little taller than 30cm isnt he ?
      I think he is about 36?

      must get me one of those next year ;)
    8. LOL, Carrie...I was going by this post of yours

      Figured you knew something I didn't. :)
    9. I think I am going to wander over to look in the msd crowd for boys .. I dont want people thinking my boy doesnt have his boy bits now I have had time to think of it and the idea that I could have a doll that isnt a nightmare to find clothes for is also appealing. He can be a little brother for my Obitsu and not my Narae as I originally planned. Notdoll Peru and Dollmore Issac are calling my name. I wont be ordering just yet so I am keeping a look out and options opened ... I was set on a unidoll F8 before Narae stole my heart instead so I am fickle if nothing else

    10. Damn LOL MAJOR 40s momment LOL
      I ment the uNI-DOLL LOL

      the new Uni-doll , he is gorgeous and such a sweet little boy

      (Kimmy is the same height ...more of a Fashion doll body , in size and stature
      the Unoa tiny boy is the same ):)
    11. Don't give up on the 30cm just yet - have you looked at the Domuya Bobos yet? They've got appealing faces, but I don't know if they're anatomically correct.

      I really love the boys available in the 30cm (or so) range, and wish I could have several - CH Uriel, Narsha boy, and Lati Ronnie, and it doesn't worry me that they're androgynous, although it might after I've actually bought one!

      - Liz
    12. redcountess I was thinking of Narsha or Little Junior too. You can find Narsha at Dollmore, and Little Junior at Custom House. They are both very little boy looking.
    13. I just got a Bambicrony and I must say I like him very much.
      But I'm not overly concerned with bits, so the lack doesn't bother me.

    14. The missing bits after I bought does worry ... Uriel is gorgeous too but I am not confident in the face up department and to buy him means I have to get that whole outfit that I dont like... will look into Narsha and the cherishdoll boys are sweet too. I would like the option to buy clothes and shoes for at least one doll which is why I am leaning towards MSD size too .. there are so many beautiful ones out there and this is such a BAD BAD hobby lol
    15. Bobo has got boy bits
      ...although I think it is one of the strangest boy bodies I have had .....I wasnt happy with it ...It looked too much like a girl ....with the boy bit stuck on ...although the body itself is one of the most posible bodies I have owned ...a remarkable jointing system ,the upper torso looked almost female ...I didnt like lower torso ...the boy part so I modded
      I could have sanded down the chest area , but I needed a girl
      I turned my boy into a girl ;)
      he is now a She and has a BC head

      so now I have rambled , but Bobo is a real boy ;)

    16. but his head doesnt have the ahhhhhhhhhhhhh factor that the bambicrony boys do. The no parts parts bit bothers me now about them .. sigh
    17. Yes, clothing options are currently limited for the 30cm boys, as well as the 38cm Little Jrs. and the Narsha boy, who is 35.5 cm (14in). I guess that's why the DOC boys are so popular, although I still haven't seen one that really appeals to me. I have a MSD Hewitt II, but I don't think his face would appeal to you, as it's a little sad, although I sometimes think it's a look of wonder :)

      - Liz
    18. I could always ADD the boy bits if you want ^_^ hehehe and then the clothing department is soon to be solved too, I've opened a shop just for boys this particular size and am open to any suggestions that customers would have that I should sell ^_^
    19. You can always do what I plan on doing..... sculpting the boy bits on. I am turning a Lati Green Renia into a boy and am going to sculpt a penis for him out of apoxie sculpt. Since it's pretty much an add on, you won't have to do much modding and just a little painting and blushing to blend the apoxie in. And well, this way you can prevent your doll from suffering from tiny p33n0r syndrome should you so desire ^_~