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Nov 24, 2004

    1. ..........
    2. Thanks for the update, Cassiel!!!
    3. At last yay! Once the MSD wigs are up for sale I am sooooo buying some!
    4. Is htat the Europe site?? or the US site?? Because on the Euro site, you can get all of the wigs in any size... you just ask them to do the one you want in the size you want. (SD, MSD or Sweet.)

    5. *anxiously waits for the MSD wigs!*
    6. It's the official LeeKeWorld English site. ^_^ The wigs up now on the English site are for immediate sale. The wigs you order through the European site are made to order, and the orders are placed once a month, so there is a longer wait period. Also the European site is a dealer for LeeKeWorld, so as far as I'm aware the wigs are shipped from LeeKeWorld to them, and then to you, the customer. Whereas the English site is LeeKeWorld's actual site, so the wigs are shipped directly to you. I'm not sure if the European site charges extra for the shipping to them, but I just thought I'd explain the differences. ^_^

      Anyway, as you said, you can pre-order many more styles and colours through the European site. ^^ But if the wig you want happens to be up on the English site, then it's quicker and easier to order it directly!

      - Cassiel!
    7. Are all the styles going to be available on the English site? I'm still crushed about missing out on one of the last preorders and am desperately hoping I didn't miss out completely.

    8. Ahhh! I see! Thanks for the info!

    9. Cassiel thanks for your help ^^ In fact, we work with preorders but we don't charge extras for the shipping from Korea to us. We have the same prices that Leekeworld. So the only difference is the time, but the good think is that the customer can have the wanted wig in the desired color and size ^^. The prize of each wig is 23€ - 28 $, so if someone want to order by us, please, feel free to visit our page!
    10. Just wondering if there's any news on when the wigs from the first LeekeEurope pre-order were going to be shipped out. I got two, and was curious as to how long the wait's going to be, since I haven't heard anything since sending my payment, other than that my order was accepted. Not a huge rush, since I don't even have the doll yet for one of them, but simply wondering.


      PS - Forgot to sign in. Ah, well. I'm a bad, bad, bad girl. :P
    11. We made the order to Korea 30 of November, our korean providers write a few days ago and they said that the items ordered will be finished as soon as posible. We hope the wigs will be ready at 15th of December. If you have more questions please, write us an e-mail ^_^
    12. Whaaa....

      *resists urge to immediately order L-010* ^^;

      Must... wait for... aquire wigs to arrive....
    13. Thanks! That's all I wanted to know! You guys are awesome.