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3d printing replacement hands

Sep 21, 2017

    1. I am wondering if it is possible to 3D print a pair of hands? I have a resin Evangeline and need to replace the hands? And the parts are not available, I have looked high and low for them so I am wondering if printing is feasable.
    2. If you sculpt them yourself, yes. If you steal the model, no. That would be the same as recasting. But yes! It is totally feasible.
    3. Well that depends. If the model is granted a Creative Commons license, you can use it freely as long as you credit the creator.

      There's a ton of models on thingiverse that are under that license or you can model the hands yourself if you feel confident enough (it is a lot of work though).

      Both are decent options but good luck to whatever way you choose! :)
    4. If you haven't already, you could also try contacting Doll Chateau (that is the Evangeline you're talking about right?) and ask if they will let you buy replacement hands even though they aren't listed on their website. Many companies are pretty flexible like that :) Good luck finding/making replacements!
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    5. You can print in resin even, if you can find somewhere that has access to such a machine.

      You could also email the company (Tonner?) and ask for help.
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    6. Unless you have express permission from the company (and can show it on demand), to "take a cast" or create 3D-printed versions of the original hands would still fall under the label of recasting. You may buy a doll or parts, but you don't have authorization to create duplicate parts.

      What other types of hobbyiests in other hobbies do ("kitbashing"?) is not relevant to what is acceptable and what is not in the resin ball-jointed doll hobby at this time.
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    7. You could sculpt new hands and cast in resin, or find a digital sculptor (there's lots about) who takes commissions and can sculpt them for you?
      You could hybrid with different hands (I don't know the sculpt so I don't know how unusual her hands are!)

      Scanning the originals is too much like recasting, albeit digital!

      I see no problems with sculpting them digitally or traditionally yourself, or getting an artist on commission to do it. Try contacting the company, though, they may be able to help.

      Also bear in mind that 3D printed parts will not be the same as resin parts, and the material, printer or service you choose will make a big difference to the final outcome! ^_^
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    8. Lmao since everyone seems confused on how using a premade model would work, here's a section on copyright law, specifically the Creative Commons license:
      A Creative Commons (CC) license is one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work. A CC license is used when an author wants to give people the right to share, use, and build upon a work that they have created.
      So as long as the model you are using has a Creative Commons license, you should be good to cast it because this falls under "use and build upon" categories. There are different grades of Creative Commons licenses so you might want to read carefully if you want to take a model and use it.

      The "non commercial" license seems to be what this is for since it states:
      Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and make derivative works and remixes based on it only for non-commercial purposes.
      Most of the models uploaded to thingiverse will be under some form of CC license :)

      However, for works that do NOT fall under these licenses, you must ask for permission before you go and use them.
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    9. iif the hands are already lost or damaged you'd have to either buy new ones or sculpt new ones anyway. Or find another company hands that fit?

      If it's a tonner doll they might have spare parts but I doubt it, they're not as good as bjd companies about the whole.. keeping parts in stock and with their move over to the new company won't be doing much with their old brands. Which is a shame.

      I wonder though if another sort of hand would fit. How big are the hands? and how are they actually connected?

      Or you could make a kick butt prosthetic.

      Also removed incorrect info earlier, sorry mods, don't hurt me.
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    10. Thanks for all the replys, yes I did contact tonner, and they do not have replacement parts, I was thinking sculpting them myself and printing them on a 3d printer. Just Thought it could be fun. Not for resell, so I never thought there could be copyright issues. If they were just for me and never left my home.

      I do have a pair of replacement hands from another doll, but I wanted more of the Evangeline look, I can live with them as is. I was planning to get a 3d printer and was thinking of things to make and her hands popped in my head. But I will keep searching for a doner body parts.
    11. People are discussing several ideas here in a mashup.

      BoneLace is referring to 3D "models" or premade digital masters that can be used to create something with one's own 3D printer.
      Others may be thinking of scanning and 3D-printing/casting the doll's original hands, which would be a form of recasting.
      Sculpting your own hands from scratch would still end up a bit different even if you intended to make something that looks like the original hands.
      Evangeline is 18" but very thin. Take a look at the Dollmore site, since they have a full array of fashion-type female dolls in the 16-18" size. You might find a graceful pair of hands you like there. Just note your doll's wrist size.
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    12. Thank you, I will, I don't know many of the bjd sites!
    13. If this is for a Tonner doll, this thread will get moved to Brigadoon, as Tonner dolls are not BJD. If this were for a resin BJD You could easily get new hands for her. I am not familiar with how fashion doll companies work but your best bet is to email the company directly.
    14. but I was thinking this convo is more about using 3d printing to create a set of resin hands, using my sculpture and if anyone had experience, who the hands are for is sort of irrelevant. I mention it because they are unique resin styled hands.
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    15. The creation of sculpting something yourself, and 3D printing, would also belong in Brigadoon (or the temporary doll-making thread in Community Celebrations) as doll-making is not currently on topic either.
      If you have specific interest in sculpting (in clay or in 3D), the temporary dollmaking thread would be where you can get more help; there are a lot of people chatting in there at the moment. :)
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    16. Thanks!