42 cm Q-Pito Discussion from Dolling Studio- Gu Mi Jung

Apr 8, 2010

    1. Here is a discussion thread for Q-Pito, a 42cm doll from Korean artist Gu Mi Jung.
      Also the first-ever shot of his head construction, which includes a moveable mouth mechanism on a string with a ring.


      Yes, he does have little teeth!

    2. Sorry, this thread is closed until the mods review if doll is On Topic or Not.
    3. Mods have decided that Q-Pito is on topic. So thread will be open for discussion.
    4. oooh? Q.Pito is on topic! HORAAAY!
      I love Q.Pito very much, He has such a darling face and his mouth mechanism facinates me.
      I understand allot of people would dislike him, for his odd proportions and the puppet like lines of his mouth, but I truly love the effect. there is something strangly nostalgic about him for me. also his realistic face and hands are so cute.
      His face reminds me a little of Taiyo Matusomoto's drawings.
      I would be delighted to add this boy to my collection, he's positivly charming.
    5. Is he the same one from Herren Dolls website? He looks very familar.
    6. :D

      I'm so excited! I saw him on the artist's Flickr account before, but I thought he probably wasn't going to be for sale on a large scale. I love love love the unusual, art-doll look of Q-Pito.

      Ah, I'm so glad he's unlimited. Definitely going on my list.
    7. Anyone know when the ordering period ends?
    8. Just curious - has anyone taken the plunge on Q-Pito yet?

      The more I look at him the more I love him~ I'm definitely going to own one of these little guys someday. I'm the type who, prior to this, always prefers the collection to all match (i.e. similar style, scale and proportions), but he's just so cool in this case I like him looking so different! :D

      I hope there will be more photos of Q-Pito soon, either from the artist or from owners. I'm stalking the artist's Flickr already.