43cm Doll clothing

Jan 17, 2008

    1. Can anyone reccomend somewhere that does nice quality clothing for a 43cm BJD that doesn't cost a small fortune to ship to the uk?

      I have checked out loads of the reccomended sites already, but they are all based in the USA or CHINA and cost the as much as the item of clothing itself to ship!

      Any suggestions would be muchly appriciated!

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    2. I may not be of much help on this, but check out your local stores and buy and use the clothes off porcelein dolls or clothed teddy bears and modify them. Also, if you have doll magazines sold at the bookstores...look thru the advertisements. Sometimes things just pop up that you didn't notice before that just might work.
    3. To keep costs down, you might want to look into joining a group order based in your country and you can keep the shipping cost down to less than $7 per package.
    4. dunno how it much it costs to the uk, but I really love the narae clothing on tanyastyle.com, this is no help if you need boys clothes tho. her clothes are extremely well made (even compared to my much more expensive mio clothes) and the shipping to the us was very cheap.