43cm ** NaBi KiSS **

Nov 1, 2007

    1. They are here! "Nabi Kiss, meaning Butterfly Kiss", in Korean. She'll be able to share clothing with Unoa and other similar sized mini BJDs. By the way, Nabi Kiss has bigger face than Unoa dolls, but they do wear the same wig size, 6-7" wigs. :aheartbea
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      Here are some new updated customized photos of Nabi Kiss:



      [and MORE PHOTOS CAN BE FOUND ON http://www.gardenofdolls.com:fangirl:

      Thank you,
    2. If she is being made by Bobobie, will she be availible in all the different resin colors?
    3. Hi Stella,
      I haven't thought about it, except for doing some in tan, but if there's enough requests for pinks and blues, I will certainly do small numbers on them in different colors. I will have to ask Denis first to see if he can do them in this size. I'll let you know what he says!
    4. Hi Stella,
      I found out that yes, he can make them in those pinks and greens and tans as well. The price will be slightly higher. I will take preorders on the colors when the time comes. It'll be by end of November.

      Thanks for your question,
    5. Im very excited to see more pictures. Do you know yet how light or dark the tan will be? And will she be big busted like the large breast Unoa? What age group is she representing?
    6. This might be a rather retarded question but... what'll her knees be like? Gentaro Araki's Unoa knees seem to be pretty unique in the BJD world. All the other knees I see look as though they're done in reverse. Knees like Gentaro's would be awesome lol
    7. Hi,
      Nabi Kiss will not look just like Unoa, but she'll be able to share clothing with Unoa and other dolls similar sized dolls. Here's a photo of Nabi Kiss knees. I'm making the torso into 2 parts, not 3, and making revision on hip size too, so that's why the finalize photo will be shown later.

      To Lizbet: Nabi Kiss will have normal size breast. I didn't make her breast large, because I want her to fit most mini sized clothing. Thanks so much for your interest!:)

    8. Hi Laura,
      Ok, well, since people have been asking me for price, I got a confirmation. Here it is:

      white or normal skin NO faceup: $230 plus $14 shipping & insurance i within US (I will insure all of these dollls, unless buyer tells me other wise).

      As for other colors, it will have to be preorder base, so I would do preorders before they start making the goods. ***Please PM me to order Nabi in a color, before the production date estimated, November 29th. That way, I'll have a number to go by to order them.
      tan / pink / blue: $245 plus $14 shipping & insurance within USA.

      I will also update here with the NEW TAN COLOR. SO STAY TUNED! THANK YOU!
    9. ooh I can't wait to see your girl finished and face upped. She might be the next girl i get!
    10. super price! I hope you have a sample color to show of the new tan. Can't decide between tan and ns at this point. But I definitely want one. Are you taking per-orders yet?
    11. Hi mhdolls,
      I will have the white and normal, but as far as Tan / Blue / Pink it will be a special preorder...yes, I am taking preorders on those special colors. I asked Denis for the Tan color sample, but he does not have it ready yet.
    12. I still love her... XD just like PpoPpo just calls me she also calls me...''buy me, take me home :D I'll be a good girl, please take me home" Or maybe I'm just going nuts XD

      she really looks like a grown up PpoPpo :D I want her >.<' I should pay back my mom soon and start saving for her.
    13. Could you please post their heads, faces too? Thanks.
    14. Sorry, above picture is for COLOR SAMPLE ONLY. BELOW IS THE DOLL..LOL
    15. Subscribing to this thread. She looks lovely. Can't wait to see her in the resin.
    16. I can't wait to see her in tan! And with a face-up too <333
    17. You already know I think she is absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to see her in resin!
    18. it is really beautiful Oo body ! amazing
    19. Ashley, your new girl has inspired me again (this is becoming a habit lol)
      I just had to do a painting of how I think she'll look, she'll be so beautiful!!

    20. the body is beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!