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44cm | Elder [ U-noa Quluts] Sister | Discussion Thread

Dec 29, 2010

    1. [ Elder [ U-noa Quluts] Sister | Ange / Belia ]
      [ Links ]
      | unoa.in/FAQ |
      | DOA | Discussion Thread V#1 |
      [ Assembly Guide & Instructions ]
      | Flickr Group |
      [ PREORDER DETAILS | 2011 ]
      [DollyBird Vol.16] | Elder U-noa Quluts Sister | Ange/&Belia
      [pre-order deadline]: August 31, 2011
      [price]: 59,000Y
      [extra items]:
      Face × 2, lingerie and wigs, color heel parts
      [ magazine cover link ]
      [DollyBird Vol.16] |2011/06
      [Release Date]: Late July, 2011
      [sale price]: 1,714 yen ( about 20.5 USD )
      International noppin participation has been verified,
      [ News ]
      [Noppin] | 2011/04/17
      Crescent Trading Inc has confirmed that they were offered more
      Elder U-noa Quluts Sister | Ange/Belia
      packages which they will be electing more winners for,
      please wait for further news to be announced,
      [AlchemicLabo] | 2011/03/08
      Elder U-noa Quluts Sister | Ange/Belia

      information about the upcoming [ Lottery ] have been announced,
      <Application period> 2011 March 14th - March 30th
      for more information visit here,
      [AlchemicLabo] | 2011/02/27
      a few complete 44cm Elder [ U-noa Quluts] Sister prototype dolls
      that were created during the test production stage and used for the upcoming-sale photoshoots,
      will be up for a pre-sale lottery over at AlchemicLabo's around the end of March,
      the normal order sales for the doll kit will be handled by HobbyJapan through the
      next [DollyBird Vol.16] issue of 2011, possibly around April-May,
      [AlchemicLabo] | 2011/02/24
      display of the 44cm Elder [ U-noa Quluts] Sister
      has been verified to the following exhibition,
      27th February 2011 | [DiW10Osaka]
      [destination]: Osaka Grand Chaos
      [Building]: store Mandarake (Shinsaibashi)
      [Update] | 2010/01/26
      assumptions for the origins of their name by member DaggerChan,
      "Ange" probably originates from "angel", and "Belia" from
      one of the four barons of Hell, "Belial", Good and evil.
      [AlchemicLabo] | 2010/01/25
      testing production stage for these dolls is said to be now finished,
      and very possible these test dolls will end up being displayed
      at the 16th [Doll's Myth] exhibition held on the 6th February of 2011,
      [DollyBird Vol.15] | 2010/12
      the information about the new 44cm U-noa doll
      are officially announced through [DollyBird Vol. 15],
      the new doll will be a 1/4 adaption of the [U-Q|ZERO] construction,
      the new doll will NOT be a reinvention of [U-Q|2.0]
      but an entirely new doll with different proportions,faceplates,optional parts,etc.
      these dolls are going to make their debut in [DollyBird Vol.16] of 2011, around April-May of 2011,
      a small sneak peak is featured in the new [DollyBird Vol.15] issue:
      picture borrowed from Buyjpop
      Discussion and information for these dolls can and will be added here,
      as soon as more information make their way on-line,

      #1 n66x, Dec 29, 2010
      Last edited: Sep 20, 2017
    2. I think I am overloaded. This is so exciting!!!!
    3. it's probably possible these new dolls will have the interchangeable option
      to share the 1.5 optional parts like ears,wigs and eyes~!!!!

      however I notice their knees are not double-jointed, I was somewhat looking forward to this option>____<;;;

      hopefully there will be one Kit option with everything in, much like Zero, cause
      what will we do if each faceplate/chestplate ends up in separate kits like the Chibies??!T______T

      DaggerChan are you buying???!!
    4. and it will be sold with the same adventures as Unoa Zero?
      Not that! !!!
      Photo dull, I do not know what type of knee
    5. full preview of the new dolls will be featured in [DollyBird Vol.16] of 2011,
      DollyBird is hobby-Japan's property, and they've already announced that [DollyBird Vol.16] of 2011 is where they're going to make their debut,
      so reading between the lines I suppose they'll be up for pre-order through the next issue of DollyBird, just like the [U-Q|2.0], just like [U-Q|Zero](??)...
      so yeah..it will be a little complex to order them but not impossible with all those deputy services out there and noppin.
      unless Gentaro doesn't hand their rights over to H-J and the orders will be process through AlchemicLabo,
    6. OMG, NOOO I CAN'T AFFORD IT! This is very exciting news. I'd been hoping for new msd sized girls! :D
    7. Being new to Unoa and after discovering Crescent Trading and Noppin, I found my Sist thru the Noppin Contact Board. There was one Sist who's buyer had canceled her, and I got her instead! I also purchased a Lusis default face plate. I really didn't know if I'd get the 1.0 or 1.5 body, (I have the 1.0, more yellowish resin tone, small chest), but I love her! I paid in JPY, 45,500 for Sist, and the Noppin standard amount for the default Lusis face. Now I want the new Zero type model referenced earlier. I've been checking Hobby Japan, but I haven 't seen the doll offered yet, not even for pre-order. Does anyone have any new info?
    8. Can't wait, I see the DollyBird 15, Dec. 2010 is on back order, do you know when we can expect the Jan 2011 issue to come out?
    9. the new issue,Vol.15 has just barely hit the stands, [DollyBird Vol.14] was released Late Jul., 2010,
      so I don't know..new issue will probably come around April 2011 / May 2011?..it's hard to tell...
      but I reckon there'll be plenty of time to save-up etc..lol..

      to order this month's issue you can visit one of these two following shops:

      HS has stock available to ship, HLJ has run out but they've re-ordered some..
    10. Leo / Poupée mécanique has recognized the wig being one of the same style wigs
      worn by a [U-Q|1.5] at the September 10th Dollshow attendance of AlchemicLabo:
      unless this is another size, it's quite possible the new dolls will be
      compatible with all the previously released [U-Q|1.5] optional head parts,wigs and eyes,
      who knows, maybe even [U-Q|1.5/chibi] faceplates, hopefully any such information is going to be confirmed soon,
    11. I really appreciate your answers, I've ordered DB 15, can't wait to hear more about Unoa (new!):lol:
    12. OMG you betcha. I bet we have at least most of 2011 to save up, and that the preorder will be sometime later in the year (fall, maybe winter?) I almost hope it isn't earlier so I have enough time!

      Omg omg omg I hope there's new character faces that are compatible with the 1.5, and even if the busts/faces aren't in the right combination there's always swapping and optional parts!

      This coming just after the tease of there maybe being white unoas in the future is almost too much and makes me want to swear like a sailor in awe.
    13. PS; if the new girl's ordering maneuvre will be similar to the Chibis; the first round (Dollybird special preorder) will be Araki painted and customized full sets, which will come with an outfit and a faceup plus the regular release wig and eyes plus some extras (like the chibi's shoes). They'll be sold through preorder lottery? And then the general kit will have an open to all preorder later in the year. :)
    14. A new Unoa is always a good notice, cant wait to see more of those cuties :D
    15. HOMG ! This is so exciting~ *squee*
      I can't wait to see more pictures.

      I'm really interested in hearing more about the body as I really love the zero's bodies.
      I also hope there are parts that are compatible with 1.5's and vise-versa.

      It seems like we're in for a bit of a wait.
      That's good, it'll give me a chance to save up~ :sweat
    16. Wow, these girls are great!:D I love how long their legs are.:aheartbea
    17. They are looking great so far, such good news!
    18. DaggerChan, GOSH!!!O__O; Hadn't thought of that,
      it may be time for me to get one f the fully assembled dolls then,lol..
      I mean if the bodies are interchangeable sure I'll find spare blank faceplates
      in our market place later if people just need the bodies for hybrids with other U-noa,

      wondering if the small busted one is actually a boy-girl type
      with extra chinko parts or even that of a male gender as a boot-default,
      here is a comparison with the vinyl girl and boy, Fluorite and Azurite:

      now why would they photograph the doll from the back? is it so to hide the true gender?
      here is the vinyl Azurite boy from the front:

      if that's the case, sign me down for both the couple!!O__o;;;
    19. Hey there n66x,
      My Sist is still waiting to be brought to life. I'll check the body type. You are so completely informed. OMG! So glad to hear from someone in the know. Seriously. Thanks.:cheer
    20. Thanks for the news, it's very exiting !
      But I won't have money to buy it... and I still wish for a 1.5 Lusis.
      *mean Mr. Unoa and his doll army*