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47 pages of BJDs in new Haute Doll!!

Dec 13, 2007

    1. The February 2008 issue of Haute Doll has mailed and there is over 47 pages of BJD information in that issue!! Have you subscribed yet?
      Here is what is inside:
      *Travel Photo Contest winners - Asian Ball Jointed Doll Catagory
      *Violet’s Visit To Torrance - Volks store and great places to go while visiting Volks!
      *New Ai Ball Jointed Dolls
      *Jay Searle and Her BJD Repaints
      *Space Force Adventures, Chapter Two Cocori Joins Colonel Narin and Narae
      * Limhwa - Jung Ji Youn and the history of the Limhwa line
      *Asian-Inspired Pajamas Pattern for SD-10 Sized Dolls
      *Paranoia Doll
      *A Dynamic Three-Women Company: Orangebabydolly

      This issue is also being translated into Chinese and distributed in China! Exciting news for Haute Doll!!
    2. oh wow finally an issue i have to buy! Do you know when this will be out in bookstores? ^_^
    3. I got my copy yesterday at Joseph-Beth.

    4. You can order an issue online at www.hautedoll.com

      The January/February '08 issue is in production right now in China. These issues are being distributed in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and are not being sold in the U.S., although my office will receive two copies. I will post photos of Haute Doll in Chinese as soon as I get the issues.

      This issue should be on the newsstands around 12/19.