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4d - new items (vier4d)

Apr 27, 2007

    1. http://vier4d.com/

      (if you reload the main page, the main image randomly changes to previews of the new items)

      @ DBC-Cherry Blossom for Boy

      4th Proposal of 4D is School look (Uniform).
      The Cherry Blossom serise have 3 colors variation.
      The outfit will allow you to enjoy decorating your doll in variety.

      @ DBS-Magnolia for Boy

      The Slim line Jacket in simple that have 3 colors variation.
      The outfit can be well match with any style.

      @ DHB-12

      Semi Long cut style Boa-wig (Honey Brown)

      The update will be set at 28th, April.

      @ Coming soon.

      The Cherry Blossom for Girl.
      The oufit will be registed at 1st weekend of May.
    2. * DBC-Cherry Blossom For Girl

      The Outfit Series have 3 color variations.
      Well, They will be well-matched couple,
      If you decorate you girl with the outfit and the Cherry Blossom Guys.
      You can enjoy the various Style by this series.

      The Up-Date will be registed ar 4th, May.

      # Coming Soon.

      There is no Jeans that have excellent fitting,till now .
      The Cypress jeans and new color variation will be restocked, soon.
    3. Are these clothes made to order by the owner of the website? or is this a brand they sell? I love some of the items but I need them for an SD boy rather than SD13 boy size.
    4. They are made by the owner, I believe. You can email them and give it a shot! The clothes are very well-made. ^_^
    5. Update News Release: the 19th

      @ DBF-Bamboo for Boy

      The Derivation Outfit of The Brilliant and Refined Jasmine serise come out.
      But, the outfit have Unique attraction in comparison with the Jasmine serise.

      @ DBF-Sundrops for Girl

      The same as evening primrose that be seen dimly....
      The outfit have hidden charm though that is simple beauty.

      @ DHL-03

      The Symbol of the cute child is Double Pony tail Style, after all.

      # comming soon!!

      The Renewal Item of the Camelia that was loved by Many user will be released, soon.