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4D Releases So-Nyeon-Gi Head Hyul

Jan 14, 2008

    1. News Link: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=188614

      Web Link: http://vier4d.com/shop/index.html?tch=detail&mcate=A402&goods=250

      ...I am so excited they are making him Volks Pureskin White. I've got a darling SD10 body that he'll look great with! And he can just share the body with my Noah.


      "I want say about something, but........ It is diificult to break the silence."
      Sweet little one who have hesitation in taking.
      The First line up Head from The "So-Nyeon-Gi" Line "Hyul SH"

      Concept :
      The "Hyul SH" was created by the concept that the growing boy as 14 years old or so.
      He is be brought up from Childhood to juveniles, just now.
      But, Preferably, He is much alike in modest character as like a girl. not playful boy.
      The head have unisex style that be well matched with boy or girl body.

      Adaptable Ball Joint Doll Body
      Volks SD9 Boy or Girl , volks SD13 Girl, luts Delf Boy.

      Skin Color Standard : volks Pure skin Normal / White
      The Original form Manufacture : So-Nyeon-Gi
    2. I absolutely adore the lips and nose. They give him such a soft feeling.

    3. Amazing boy I just love his lips! :D

      So I am a little confused on the size. The head will go with a Delf boy but also a Volks SD10? (doesn't know much about SD10 size)
    4. SD10 sized dolls are a little shorter than 60cm (they're about 58cm tall) and have smaller necks than SD13. DELF dolls are 60cm tall, and have slender necks as well.
    5. I am seriously in love with this headmold. Gah.

      So pretty.
    6. Awesome thanks! :fangirl:

      I can't wait to hear more info, really into this lovely head, he'll make such a sweet boy!
    7. I need this. Gyah I wish WS volks sd10 bodies were easier to get.
    8. * How to Pre-Order ?

      4D will begin to Pre-Order for Optional head part.
      The First items is "Hyul SH" head part for Boll Joint Doll from
      doll artist "so-nyeon-gi" works.
      The Reservation will be start from 15th to 20th, Jan.
      The confirmation of the Pre-Order be in need of completed payment till 24th, Jan.
      (The order inform that payment be not completed will be canceled at 24.Jan.)

      * Make up Option

      If you want to get the head with face up service,
      Please, select make up option on The item Detail page.

      * About Shipping

      The shipping will be start at later from 18th. Feb.
      But, The order that make up service included needs 10days more.

      If you have any questions about this Pre-Order, please~ feel free make an inquiry by e-mail.
      Contact E-mail : webmaster#vier4d.com (#->@)

      Your Friend, 4D.

      isnt it the 15th in korea? did he sell out completely or are they just waiting for a later time?
    9. They're not sold out yet; probably just waiting for a bit before putting up the price.
    10. It's only 1:15 in the afternoon there, so plenty of time for them to release Hyul before the end of their day.

      He's such a cute little guy! I think that the artist who made it works for 4D (does all of their photography??) and she sold a limited number through her site a couple of months ago. I was a little too late then and now I has no monies for dolly heads. But he's sooooo cuuuute!:aheartbea

      A question: When I see pictures of the artist's Hyul I can't tell what body he's on. The hands don't look like SD10 hands or Delf hands. Does anyone recognize them? Is that a Serendipity body, maybe?
    11. The sale is on! :XD:
    12. the hand looks like an old skin SD hand to me
    13. Muu as I lament over the lack of fundage for this darling boy. Hopefully they'll have another pre-order in the March-April range, because my munnies are tied up until the Ides of March.

      I wonder if you can request a custom faceup, or if they just give you the general girl or boy version...

      Has anyone tried asking yet?
    14. Gorgeous head mold!
    15. I ordered two of the heads..one Normal skin with faceup and one white skin with faceup. Has anybody else order him/her?

    16. How did you do that? :o I was trying to order one white with faceup and one normal without, but the cart wouldn't let me (that was IE cause Firefox won't work). :( As of now trying to decide to get him or not *keeps looking at pictures* I love the white skin, so beautiful. I'd love to see owner pics, but alas... :sweat I might as well since I don't want to regret it later.
    17. I'm not sure how I did it..I used aol. I ended up placing my orders separately and then e-mailed doogie to ask if they would combine the shipping and to please send me the new cost for both heads. He was kind enough to do that.

    18. Ok I'll have to do that then. :sweat Thanks!
    19. I only did that because everytime I placed an order for the different skin types it would show an order for 2 of the same skin type. Did you run across this to?

      If you do order one..I was wondering if we should start a waiting thread?