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4D selling limited edition Hyul

Jan 14, 2008

    1. How exciting! I saw Hyul on the creator's website about a month or so ago and now he's getting a limited release through 4D!

      From the 4D site:

      [Hyul, SH]

      "I want say about something, but........ It is diificult to break the silence."
      Sweet little one who have hesitation in taking.
      The First line up Head from The "So-Nyeon-Gi" Line "Hyul SH"

      Concept :
      The "Hyul SH" was created by the concept that the growing boy as 14 years old or so.
      He is be brought up from Childhood to juveniles, just now.
      But, Preferably, He is much alike in modest character as like a girl. not playful boy.
      The head have unisex style that be well matched with boy or girl body.

      Adaptable Ball Joint Doll Body
      Volks SD9 Boy or Girl , volks SD13 Girl, luts Delf Boy.

      Skin Color Standard : volks Pure skin Normal / White
      The Original form Manufacture : So-Nyeon-Gi
    2. I wonder what they mean by Luts Delf boy. It seems like they mean the Delf body. But just to make sure, can someone clarify? They don't mean the Kid Delf body, do they?
    3. He's meant to be a little guy but I'm sure they mean regular Delf boy. Since the Delf type II boy and girl necks are the same size it should fit both of those bodies. :) But if the coloring is to match Volks, I don't know why they'd recommend the Delf body.
    4. Any idea for a release date? This head is just gorgeous!
    5. I'm having problems ordering. I can't select a country on the order form.
      Anyone else having problems?
    6. i had to order under guest and it only worked using IE
    7. I had the same problem when I made a purchase from them a few weeks ago. I made a note about my full address in my Paypal payment and it arrived no problems. Perhaps write to them on their Q&A too?