Preorder 4th pre-order shall be ended on 22nd(GMT+9)

Jan 22, 2017

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      Hello~ Dear friends,
      This is Bimong.
      It has been 3 months since we have started pre-order system.

      We are highly appreciated on your participating to give us feedbacks and ideas.
      But we are also deeply sorry that it took about 2 months to make a perfect doll for the 1st pre-order customers.

      We realized that we have to adjust the quantity of pre-order for keeping our promise to deliver in time.
      So, for this month’s pre-order shall be ended on 22nd.(GMT+9)

      Current our production system could not exceed certain amount of products in a month. Plus, we already have to produce beautiful dolls for 2nd and 3rd pre-ordered customers.
      We made this decision for bring you the best experiences. Also to deliver the best products to whom participated on 4th pre-order until the end of next month.

      If you would like to have a payment separately, you just write ‘Layaway’ on your order memo.
      Than we will send you the proper invoice with 1/3 of total at the first.

      We are always trying to understand your position.
      Also we would like you to understand us that we are eager to make the best doll for you.


      Instagram ID bimong11
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