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50% off wigs & selected items at Audey's Doll

Nov 7, 2009

    1. I was sent this email so I thought I'd pass it on. I've ordered from this company many times and have always been satisfied.

      There's a $25.00 minimum order, so if you want to purchase something that doesn't meet the requirement, maybe a GO can be arranged.

      Special Holiday Deals Just for You, from Audrey's Doll Gallery!

      Happy Holidays! We are pleased to be able to bring to you a special offer from Monique just in time for the holiday season. We've got lots of great items for you discounted at 50%. In addition, there are a number of specially selected wigs that are being closed out, and until they are gone, they will remain discounted at 50%, even after this sale is over.

      Take a look at the items below, and head on into our website and place your order today. This sale begins November 9th and runs through December 6th, so don't delay in getting your order placed.

      Seasons Greetings!

      Audrey Meredith
      Audrey's Doll Gallery

      Abby #448
      Annabelle #407
      Arielle #213
      Ashley #419
      Baby Bailey #M33
      Baby Flossie #M57
      Bebe #113
      Bernadette #422
      Betty #204
      Blossom #444
      Breanna #426
      Camille #432
      Cassie #425
      Chari #M138
      China Doll #124
      Christine #435
      Cindy #127
      Claire #208

      Classic Ankle Strap #763
      Crossed Ankle Strap #770
      Elegant Ankle Strap #738
      Girl Dress #733
      Heart Mary Jane #790
      Plain Loafers #795
      Ribbon French #751
      Splendid Ankle Strap #744
      Suede Clogs w/ bow #728
      Suede Loafers #776

      Fall Floral Outfit w/ hat #2009
      Fall Floral Outfit #2010
      Fleece Jacket #2012


      Stretchable Ankle Socks #575
      Eyesizers #843, 844 & 845
      Puppenaugen Eyes #607


      BJ #477
      Starr #453
      Hope #495
      Mallory #414
      Paige #413

      Angelic Boots #7027
      Emo #7028

      *These items can only be ordered over the phone or via email. They are not available on the website for ordering.

      Annie #106
      Connie #131
      Diva #339
      Dutchess #141
      Elizabeth #145
      Gibson #160
      Giselle #M128
      Gypsy #214
      Marque #217
      Rachel #132
      Rainbow #167
      Sheila #280
      Teeny Wispy #291

      **Prices will remain reduced on these special clearance items
      until inventory is depleted.

      This Sale runs from November 9th through
      December 6th.
      Don't Delay, Get your orders in today!

      Visit www.audreysdolls.com for these great savings, and for all of your doll supplies and repair needs.
      email: audrey@audreysdolls.com or call 803-356-8414
    2. The website does not appear to be working :sweat

      Edit: It appears to be working now :daisy
    3. Is anyone else having difficulty locating the sales items? And is anyone considering a group order? Thanks.
    4. Yeah, group order seems like a good option. Anyway, is there any place to see what the monique gold colors look like instead of just having them listed? And is the price listed on those certain dolls the discounted price or what we take the discount off of?
    5. If you look at facetsbymarcia.com you can see a lot of the Monique Gold colors.
    6. Jpopdolls.net is yet another site if you want to see the different wig colors. Also, I'm pretty sure Audreysdolls only lists the normal Monique Gold Label prices at their site; you'll need to discount the 50% off those prices.