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50% to 60% off SALE on Monique and 20% on JPOP Wigs

Sep 4, 2009

    1. Hello, this is the annual Monique Anniversary Sale. This sale is allowed only once a year by Monique on select wigs and shoes. We are offering up to 60% on select styles of Monique and 20% off Jpopdolls wigs at the same time. This is the time to stock up on wigs, check out our great glass eyes instock and Save!!
      Some wigs as low as 10.00.
      This is also the last production of Glamour wigs and we have a new Kiki in Tea Grean instock. Both are also on sale.
      We will be restocking as the sale goes on. Also please check out our new selection of AnotherSpace.


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    2. HI!

      How long will the sale last?


    3. when i go to the website none of the wigs are on sale yet..? when is it safe to say that the sale will be happening?
    4. How can we tell which wigs are on sale?
      Do you have a list of the on sale items that you could post?
    5. If you click on all Monique & Jpop wigs, I believe the prices are already reduced. I just ordered some last night..glad I was able to get blk Jojo.
    6. Thank you gardenofdolls.com, yes the sale prices of the Monique items are already there.
      For those that missed the newsletter, type in bigsale in the coupon section, to get 20% off on the jpopwigs. The jpop sale will last through the 9th of September. The Monique sale will go on until October 14th.
    7. Are we able to order out of stock Monique wigs?
    8. Grace said they will be restocking as the sale goes on, so check back. If there is a specific out-of-stock wig you're after, you might want to ask though.
    9. Yes please email or pm. I cannot sell out of stock as they maybe sold out at the factory level.
    10. when will you ever get kana / Kana long / kana waves 6/7 restock? waiting forever...thank you.
    11. Most everything seems to be sold out, at least in 6/7...
    12. .

      There were a few Jpopdolls Jrock 6/7 wigs in stock the other night. I presume so anyway since my payment for a Jrock Pure 6/7 went through.
    13. Hi, there are some kana, kanawaves and kanalong left in stock. Please note that most wigs colors once sold out are gone. New colors will come in replacing the current ones. All jpop wigs are limited to 2 productions. We sometimes do have stock left over due to ebay non-payers, so do email or pm me.
    14. And yes we have some jrock and reiya wigs instock for 6-7
    15. i dont see 50-60% discount. not on 8/9 wig. the prices are the same . if were 50% discount i really doubt a wig can cost 50 usd
    16. Tosh: Monique is only allowing certain wigs on sale, not all their wigs. This includes Jojo, Faith, Pretty Girl, Paris, Destiny, and some others. Not all of the styles are allowed to be discounted. And yes 8-9 size as well as smaller ones.
    17. I only see JoJo discounted at this time. The Paris and Pretty Girl styles seem to be the same price as before.
    18. It's hard to tell what is discounted and what isn't. I wish they showed the origional prices, but crossed out so we knew what was on sale, and what is regular. I find it easier to decide that way.
      The wigs are gorgeous, and undoubtedly worth the money regardless, still as a shopper, I like to know.
    19. The pretty girl wigs that are on sale are at the top of the page, as you scroll down it switches to the ones that are regular price.
    20. ^ This.

      It's really hard to see what's discounted and what's not.